Marika Hackman Releases Sparkling Cut-Throat Single ‘Boyfriend’

Marika Hackman is back with her unapologetic new single ‘Boyfriend’, a track that brilliantly sticks two-fingers up to ignorant boys who try to delegitimise and objectify lesbian relationships. Hackman says the track is “payback for all those times I’ve been interrupted mid-snog by some seedy wanker asking to join in”, and it’s bloody genius.

Enlisting best-mates The Big Moon as her backing band, Hackman’s ‘Boyfriend’ is refreshingly original. The joyous guitars and blissful beats inject the track with extra irony as Hackman’s angelic vocals deliver the punchy lyrics. “I held his girl in my hands. She likes it ’cause they’re softer than a man’s”, breathes Hackman in enchantingly gutsy prose.

The jangly instrumentation is undoubtedly The Big Moon, as their signature drum clashes and sultry riffs carry Hackman’s vocals through her sarcy storm.

Hackman’s gorgeous new sound is the epitome of liberation, empowerment and rebellion – unhinged, unimpeded and shamelessly free.

Released via AMF Records

Words by Meg Firth

Image courtesy of Marika Hackman’s press release.

Dope album artwork painted by Tristan Pigott

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