Rest In Peace – Viola Beach. A year on

On the 13th of February 2016, a very beautiful band called Viola Beach were caught in a tragic accident along with their manager, Craig Tarry. The accident, as we all know, sadly took their lives.

The band attracted a lot of attention when they were alive, it’s safe to say that they were on their way to ‘making it’. With the likes of BBC Introducing taking an interest in them and putting them on for their Maida Vale session.

Watch them here:

A year has passed and the families of Viola Beach (Kris Leonard, Jack Dakin, River Reeves and Tomas Lowe) have had a rollercoaster of a year. The painful truth of not knowing what happened to them could have consumed their families and friends but they were determined not to let the band be gone without something solid for fans to hold onto.

Viola Beach only ever put out one single (‘Boys That Sing / Like A Fool’) which was a double A side of their album in progress. Their self titled album, released on the 29th of July, last year had positive reviews from almost everyone. Even receiving an issue of NME dedicated to the band.

When I found out that the band’s un-finished works would be edited and mastered to be a record, I had mixed emotions about it. I always wonder, is this the record that they would have wanted it to be ? Would they have done things differently ?  The answer is, we’ll never know. I love the album and I think I have to accept and trust that their families, friends and collaborators knew them well enough to know how they would like their record to sound.

It’s always an awful feeling when you lose a band you love, sadly it happens. All we can do is remember them and listen to the tracks that we have. Viola Beach, wherever you are, rest in peace.

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