Jack Flanagan discusses his new musical venture ‘Bunny’

Mystery Jets bassist Jack Flanagan has unveiled his new solo project Bunny, debuting with dreamy demo ‘These Days This City’.

The track opens in an ambient haze, as ominous chords and serene bass levitate around each other with entrancing simplicity. This absorbing intro, which is slightly reminiscent of Bowie’s Space Oddity, crescendos into a breezy two-chord motif that incidentally encapsulates Jack’s sweet charm. It’s this happy-go-lucky yet deep feeling spirit that drives the track, as the weary lyrics juxtapose with the triumphant instrumentation – “It’s hard to be chill when you feel so blue/ And I lie to my friends, but I can’t lie to you” sings Jack, with his Jake-Bugg-meets-Neil-Young vocals.

Chatting to us here at Let It Happen, Jack shared how Bunny came to be:

“Bunny really began when a lot of things started to change in my life. I lost love and lost companions and when this happened I found myself beginning to write more and more.”

This sense of grief and introspection is felt throughout the 4-minute demo, and Jack’s light-hearted lyricism conveys it with humble perfection. It’s clear that a whole lot of thought and feeling has gone into this demo and, with its simple originality and endearing charm, it plays testimony to Jack’s exciting potential. Despite it being a side-project, it feels as if Bunny can be just as successful as Mystery Jets.

“Throughout this [time] I also met an animal who had two really big ears. He’s a bit of a nightmare but he makes me work my hardest.”

Let’s hope this rabbit doesn’t bugger off after Easter, because Bunny offers a touching and comforting escapism that is hard to find elsewhere.

Bunny will be making their live debut at London’s Scala, supporting Johnny Lloyd on his biggest headline show to date. Get your tix here.


Words by Meg Firth, with big love and thanks to Jack

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