Blänk Return with ‘This Journey’.

Electro hip-hip trio Blänk return with new single ‘This Journey’ and a new album in the bag! Their third album, ‘Weary Soul’ is due to be released on the 20th of March. It is described as a powerful step forward for Blänk, an obvious  development but one which sees them retain their signature sound. The album is still heavily rooted in hip-hop but the development on this album sees the band move into a darker, downbeat and atmospheric electro sound.



Thematically, their latest album surrounds their motivation to turn depression and suicide into growth, self-love and self-discovery. The album is dark yet hopeful. ‘Weary Soul’ is a culmination  of years of personal challenges and self-work. They’ve certainly had a journey and the journey has been worth it for the trio as they say, “The album is about baring the pain and perspectives of the weary soul that’s lived through it all. At this point it’s not about being depressed or celebrating wins, it’s about recognizing all those things are a part of a larger journey that shapes the person one becomes.”

The bands prior releases, ‘You’ve never been to Sámpi’,(2009)and ‘Only Built For Northern Lights’ (2015 earned the band consisting of   Simon Trabelsi, Lina Öhman & Klas Granström  high acclaim in the US and the UK. From then, they’ve only gone from strength to strength with every release and this latest record now sees them go it alone with a brutal yet charming honesty and an empowering confidence throughout the tracks.

They’ve previously been featured in The Line Of Best Fit, CLASH Magazine, Earmilk, Wonderland and Pigeons and Planes to name only a few. The latter, Pigeons and Planes had the honour of premiering the bands new single, ‘This Journey’.

The track itself, is upbeat and full of hip-hop inspired beats. It grabs interest quickly and is extremely catchy, the textured rhythms and voice modulation also add interest to the song and build it.  From the first beat, it’s engaging, it’s a classic hip hop track with a small measure of RnB and 80s electronica thrown in. There are moments of thinner, slower parts in this song which skilfully contrast with the overall, thicker and louder dynamics of the track. It’s a well produced track and is very polished and perfected. The lyrics are heavy and deep but the electronic beats almost override them, the melody takes you away from the message of the track somewhat.

‘The Journey’ is a strong debut single from their third album, ‘Weary Soul’. It displays development and proves the band have grown but it still displays their iconic melancholy sound. Look out for the bands latest album out on the 20th of March, its certainly going to be special and a strong contender for album of the year, Blänk are a trio to keep your eye on in the future, they’ve grafted and have earned a promising, bright future.

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