Gig Review: The Blinders @ The Rocking Chair

  On Saturday night, The Blinders stepped onto the stage of Sheffield’s most intimate gig venue The Rocking Chair. And the crowd roared in excitement for the punk rock trio to play their loud and politically charged songs.

The Blinders’ lead singer Thomas steps onto the stage with black war paint all over his eyelids and you just know you’re in for a banger of a show. He sings with such immense power, reflecting on the turmoil of today’s political climate through songs like ‘ICB Blues’. And his energy floods the scene and you simply cannot take your eyes off him, with his wild stage antics – from standing on speakers to playing the guitar while laying down on the floor.

So, it would be fair to say that there was never a dull moment throughout The Blinders performance. And the gig reached its ultimate peak when they began to play ‘Swine’, their hard hitting, in-your-face punchy single. Everyone began to mouth back the chorus reading “There is no hope” while head banging to the music and their bodies colliding and creating an automatic and simultaneous mosh pit like no other.

Every single member of the band gives it their all, as their passion and excitement is evident through their flawless, theatrical and over the top performance. And the energy and momentum that they came in with doesn’t seem to fade or wither at any moment, but instead it continues to rise feeding the crowds hunger for more tunes to be played as the set list seemed too short. But, there is no doubt about the fact that Thomas was the most entertaining out of the bunch, with his theatrical and larger than life presence and yet down to earth aura – he was the gift that kept on giving. He is so incredibly mesmerising that you’re afraid that if you blink you might miss out on something special.

And so, The Blinders are a band that cannot be missed live as their music reaches its full potential when it’s played and sung live with the roar of the crowd. The Blinders are a band that embodies the rebellion and outrage that we feel at a time where the world is in political turmoil. And their music feeds that frustration which makes their gig that more of an intimate and personal experience.

Words and photographs by Rama Alsammouah

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