HoyFest- The best of Saturday

Well then HoyFest was incredible. The whole set up worked brilliantly, line up was full of endless talent and the venue was quirky but magical. Thank you to Sam for the press pass which helped us discover a new batch of talented bands from the local area.

Here are 7 bands that Sam and Dali agree that smashed their sets.

The Fused– The four-piece band  consists of Frontman Ellis, Guitarist Ollie, Bassist Ethan and Drummer Max. The boys kicked off the day on the main stage and a group of fans had gathered to get the venue dancing. The way they dressed in robes and giant sun glasses showed everyone that they turned up to have fun and to play music. I loved the way that half of the audience was friends of the band. They played for around 30 minutes but in that time they won over fans including me.

Wetpainttt: It was my 3rd time seeing the band which consists of Sam Hoy. Before they started I could hear chants of ‘Sam, Sam, Sam’ in honour for the man of the weekend. They went on to woo the crowd. Of course Sam put his band on the Main Stage 😉

Amber: The boys from Cwmbran and Newport smashed their performance in front of a beefy crowd. AMBER have began to develop a refreshing ‘indie’ style of sound, through the vocals though there is definitely an older element of rock which radiates through which is easily recognised. Im sure they will be at Hoyfest again.

TRASH: Completely throwing an opinion depicted of their name into the bin, they easily threw an uplifting and undeniably amazing set at HOY. They began thoroughly warming us all up in the depths of guitar with opening song ‘Hot Coffee’. In reference to their Facebook bio I didn’t have to think too hard to feel comforted by their sadly beautiful lyrics; playing lovely little tracks such as ‘4 miles’ and ‘Migraines’. Then finishing with a guitar-clanging classic of theirs ‘Workout’. Throughout the festival band sets were kept short and sweet, just like TRASH themselves. It was definitely enough to label them as one of the most highly anticipated bands at the moment having played us further reassurance of this through a new tune ‘Making The Most Of It’ we were lucky enough to have a preview of.

Rinse:  After a wonderfully accepted support slot with Birmingham band JAWS, new-borns of Stoke, RINSE were already on my priority list of bands to see this year and I was so happy to finally tick them off at HOY. ‘Intro’ began and engaged us all into their guitar driven haze of a set. We were all lucky enough to be invited to listen to ‘Taser Party’ and it was so refreshing to hear their melodies yet feeling familiarity and comfort in their sound. By the end there had been plenty of head hanging and body bending to tracks like the anthem-like feel of latest single ‘Not Too Late’ – another tune to add to my playlist and I highly recommend you do to yours.

Himalayas:  Fellow welsh and local lads Himalayas brought a dark, indie/garage sound to HOY. Since their start in 2015 they have built up a little reputation whereby the crowd gets to be indulged within their atmospheric sets through slick yet newly familiar founded sound coming from their bass lines and drums. A song which expresses a particularly seductive guitar riff that you can not help but sway around to is EP title track ‘Ecstasy’ – the beginning built up, almost encapsulating everyone into the same sound wave. Their Ecstasy EP includes other heavy tracks such as ‘Cheap Thrills’ and guitar banger ‘Intoxicate Me’. Currently I am addicted to Ecstasy (the only legal way) and the EP is definitely has definitely made my playlist of 2016 and my list of who to watch in 2017!

Himalayas have been announced for Kazoopa Fest.

TIBET:  Another fellow Welsh and local band of Cardiff Tibet brought an exciting and energetic set to HOY with their punky grunge and Cribs-like guitar mixed with hi-hat drum rhythms that were heard through tracks like ‘I’ll Put You In My Pocket’. Tibet definitely encouraged a jumpy jig of the leg and eventually this led to a jumpy pit of people during recently released track ‘There Is A Place’ in particular. Which I am gathering a toned down slightly Kasabian Shoot The Runner vibe from? I’m aware I’ve name dropped two big bands and whether you agree with my sound associations or not, it must encourage that there is no doubt definitely a band to get used to as you’ll be having a feel good sing along to sooner than you think.


Words By Sam and Dali.

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