Pale Waves drop their alluring first single ‘There’s A Honey’

Manchester band Pale Waves, who have recently joined Dirty Hit (home to The 1975, Wolf Alice), have finally released a slice of long awaited and highly anticipated new material, and it’s indie-pop GOLD.

‘There’s A Honey’ dropped at midnight and is absolutely drenched in influence from The 1975, possibly too much, draining the uniqueness of the band’s previous releases (that have now been taken down from the band’s Soundcloud).

The band worked closely with both Matty and George from The 1975 on making their new material, and manager, Jamie Oborne, stated on Twitter that the new track was indeed produced by the pair. However, the helping hands must not take away that this band are extremely special. The song also comes as a declaration for where Dirty Hit are headed, none other than the top.

At first listen, the track was severely underwhelming but it does grow on me with every listen. The band have the potential to be at the top, the direction they have taken isn’t a bad one, it’s an exciting one.  Pale Waves clearly want to start fresh, so they must be taken with open arms. The track upholds a pounding electronic bassline and thumping percussion, and the vocals of frontwoman Heather are delivered with perfection.

‘There’s A Honey’ is easily one of the best songs of the year so far, it is anthemic and it is bold.  Be sure to catch PW on Dirty Hit’s first ever tour throughout March and April alongside Superfood and King Nun. The track has left me wanting more, heaps of new tunes are certain to be unveiled throughout the tour.

Tickets are available here.

I would give you my body but i’m not sure that you want me‘ rings the chorus, in an ethereal manner. The lyricism of the track is very memorable, sticking in your head like a plague. The synths of the track are bouncy and enjoyable, evoking memories of summer.

I remain hopeful for the band, they are the whole package – they’ve got the talent, they’ve got the look, they’ve got the fans and they’ve got the thumbs up from some of the biggest stars in the industry. 2017 is going to be a massive one for Pale Waves, this year will be the year of Dirty Hit with the imminent LP releases from Superfood, Wolf Alice, Pale Waves and The Japanese House.

(featured image courtesy of the bands SoundCloud page)

Words by Ben Davies

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