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Tumblr’s favourite artist is back with one of her best songs yet, in my opinion. I’m not a major fan of Lana but I have to admit she has released some pretty great songs in her career. The more I listen to ‘Love’ the more I like it, or should I say love it.

It’s a typical song of hers with only the pluck of a bass guitar and a few synthesized strings to back up her moody, vintage voice. The lyrics are classy and well-crafted but still clinging on to what she’s produced in the past; it’s not really a development for her.

Regardless of the lack of evolution in her sound, it’s still a beautifully captivating song. Many see this song as an addition to her cinematic style with her references to 50s and 60s Americana. Sticking to the theme of melancholia and tragic romance, the words she has written do seem to have a deeper meaning to the gay community. She is seen as a gay icon because of her alternative, retro-chic style (according to Reddit)

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The video to ‘Love’ premiered yesterday, 2 days after the track’s release, and is currently #2 trending on Youtube. Probably because of Lana’s popularity within the Tumblr/Youtube community. The video doesn’t really impress me too much as Lana has stuck to her signature style and created a video heavily resembling 60s Americana. However, the vintage theme is ruined by a couple of shots of teens with an iPhone.

Although both the video and song are unoriginal, there is no getting away from the fact that they are beautiful. Perhaps Lana chooses to stick to what her fans know and love because her ever-growing popularity may be jeopardised if she changes her sound too drastically.

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