Interview with AFFAIRS


Through their latest single ‘Life of Leisure’, sharp Manchester five-piece AFFAIRS emphasise their refreshingly original sound. With gutsy drum clashes confidently pulsing under peppy, feel-good riffs, the instrumentation is impeccable throughout. The breezy riffs of the intro wash through with sultry ambience, immediately transporting you to care-free summer days. Through the haze comes James Robinson’s soulful vocals, reminiscent of a slightly weathered Rick Astley, effortlessly merging the youthful synth with an air of 80’s nostalgia.

We chatted to guitarist/vocalist Liam Grindell about how AFFAIRS came to be…

The ever-scenic University of Hull was the backdrop for the beginning of AFFAIRS.  Whilst Liam was pacing exam halls as an invigilator and day dreaming of being band, future band-mates Dan and Jack were writing together just around the corner. A short time later, drummer Michael was recruited through auditions and vocalist James was found at an open-mic night and, just like that, AFFAIRS was born. Everything fell into place pretty easily and pretty naturally thinking about it.”

“Me and Dan starting writing a few bits together in halls, crap that no one will ever hear. Basically a poor man’s Foals.” 

AFFAIRS’ inventive sound is invigoratingly authentic. Testimony to their originality, it’s hard to pinpoint direct comparisons to other artists, as their sound is a handsome Frankenstein of influences from 80s pop to B-town indie. “We all kinda bring our own things to the table so it makes for an interesting formation of ideas.  We try not take take influences from any artists so to speak, but any band that makes us step back and think “Wow what have I just witnessed?” is enough to push us to do something unique and interesting. As guitar bands go I’d like to thing we are on the outskirts of guitar town and hopefully have something a little more unique about our sound rather than five guys playing stereotypical indie/rock tunes” 

Since their days in Hull’s finest uni halls,  AFFAIRS have supported nearly every indie-kids’ stock-favourite bands, including Alt-J, The 1975 and JAWS. Yet, things seem to be just getting started. “We’re releasing two more singles in the first half of 2017 and following it up with an EP ready for the summer.” 

“We hope this summer will be taking us to somewhere exotic and sunny”

With their breezy, feel-good riffs, it’s undeniable that this upcoming EP will be an ambient addition to your Summer ’17 playlist. Be sure to look out for AFFAIRS’ name climbing up festival line-ups for years to come.

Words by Meg Firth, with lots of thanks to Liam x

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