Liverpool’s SPINN release their third single ‘Home’.

Liverpool is a city jam-packed full of amazing musicians, SPINN being one band who are grafting their way up to ladders to become a successful band. It’s nearing to festival season now and even though SPINN have no plans for a festival appearance, they definitely have plans to bring us happiness and light to our lives with their emotionally, mellow new track ‘Home’. Following up from their first two singles ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Bliss’, they present us with some more heartwarming tunes – creating your own stories and interpretation, you either smile or cry. There’s no in-between.

Recording their new song ‘Home’ in Parr Street Studios – sharing with bands from the likes of The Vryll Society and Cabbage, they’ve created a true romantic love song with a pop sound. I find it refreshing and it’s something we can take into spring with us. It’s clean and a simple song that sparkles. It’s art.

After opening up a show for The Sherlocks in Liverpool, they’ve set some more dates and shows across the country – they are taking themselves out of their comfort zone which is Liverpool and broadening their horizons.

‘Home’ will be out on all platforms on the 3rd of March. But you can listen to it on the Soundcloud link below:


Photo Credits: Charlotte Rudd

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