Cosmo Pyke – ‘Just Cosmo EP’ review:

Cosmo Pyke has finally shared his five-track debut EP, featuring already released ‘Social Sites’ and ‘Chronic Sunshine’.

The EP is an introspective insight into the mind of the Peckham teen, proving he belongs at the greatest heights alongside the likes of King Krule and Mac Demarco.

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Wish You Were Gone

The EP opens impeccably with ‘Wish You Were Gone‘, a sultry number from Pyke, the track carries a very similar vibe to King Krule – and that’s not a bad thing! The track flows like a calm ocean on a summer’s morning, the guitar work from Pyke is ethereal, let it take you away. “But now I’m feeling opposite and now I don’t know what to do” sings Cosmo on the chorus, indicating conflicting emotions towards a loved one. The percussion of the song is equally as dreamy as the ambient synths and vocal delivery. This song is quite possibly the highlight of the EP, I remember Cosmo played this one live when I saw him supporting Jaws back in November and have been eager for it’s official release ever since!

Chronic Sunshine

This one has been in my head ever since it dropped a few weeks ago, it’s memorable and really portrays how talented and unique an artist Cosmo is.  “It’s an ongoing circle, no sights to behold” utters Pyke, in regards to the effects of marijuana, the lyricism is relatable to the youth of today and is again an accurate reflection of reality. This track carries a much more distinctive aroma than its predecessor, really showing the type of artist Pyke wants to be – setting himself apart from the Mac Demarco or King Krule stereotype that will forever continue to be mentioned. The track recently acquired an official music video which takes you on a journey across Pyke’s hometown as he cycles around the town. Cosmo guides us through a day in the life, we see his friends, and a lot of dad clothes.

Check it out below:

After School Club

The third cut from the fabric is another I was luckily enough to witness Pyke premiere on the first night of the Jaws tour. “I guess it’s all down to that after school club” sings Pyke enigmatically, encouraging the listener to empathise with his emotionallypacked voice. This track is a slow burner, bringing a relaxed tone to the EP, carrying an almost jazz vibe, that could be liked the King Krule’s ‘A Lizard State’. Pyke’s talent as a guitarist is undeniable, and I was astonished to discover that he and Krule had the same guitar teacher – it all makes sense now…

Social Sites

Here we see Cosmo at the peak of vulnerability as he touches upon how shitty social media can be and the strains it can place upon relationships. “Why does she cry? Cus’ these social sites”  remarks Cosmo, with his heart on his sleeve. Cosmo again provides an exquisite execution with his Gretsch, taking the mind on a psychedelic venture to utopia.

Great Dane

The album closes beautifully, with a spine tingling number that begins with, yet again, jazz-esque guitar playing and drumming. This is Pyke at his finest, “barely seen you at all” being the highlight. It can’t be ignored that Pyke’s vocals are very sim,ilar in accent to fellow Londoner, King Krule, but here he shows that he can be much softer than we’ve ever seen him before. He again sets himself aside by rapping, a reoccurring aspect of this EP – something Pyke is very, VERY good at and something I’d like to hear more of in the future.

This EP is one that will stay with me forever and a day, the future is extremely bright for Cosmo Pyke and I am ecstatic to find out what is up next for the destined high flyer.

Cosmo is embarking on his first ever headline tour in the coming months, dates and venues are as follows:


27 Crofters Right, Bristol

28 Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds


01 Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

02 The Montague Arms, London

03 Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton

Tickets are still available here

Cosmo will also be performing at this year’s Dot To Dot Festival

Words by Ben Davies

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