Interview with I Kept The Wolves Away

I Kept The Wolves Away are one of the hottest bands on its way to emerge from the Sheffield indie scene. This Sheffield trio are notorious for giving the oddest and most random of names for their indie rock anthems. But, that’s not the only thing they’re memorable for, as their dynamic groovy tunes are universal anthems which no one can resist moving to. And, I had the pleasure of interviewing the trio and here is what they had to say.

R: What is each person’s role in the band?

Matt: I’m Matt (Harrop), and I’m the drummer in the band.

Ash: I’m Ash (Romans) and I play bass and do a little bit of singing in the background.

Dan: I’m Dan (Williamson), lead guitar and lead vocals.

R: So how did you all meet?

Dan: Me and Ash we knew each other kinda from the music scene in Sheffield, didn’t we? Erm, then we were in a band together before this one. Matty, we knew you as well, you were in a band that used to use a practice room near ours.

R: How did you come up with the band’s name?

Matt: Well to be fair, I just came in (the band) and you had the name. We never had the topic to discuss.

Ash: It were Dan’s acoustic name, when he did acoustic stuff.

Dan: Yeah, I used to be a singer songwriter, type thing. So, like I didn’t want to call myself just Dan Williamson, cause it sounds a bit boring. But, it took me ages to come up with a name so I was just reading a book and I took a line out of the book.

Ash: he went all edgy.

Dan: It’s probably one of the worst band names around.

Ash: There are worse band names.

Matt: I think we’re making it work.

R: For people who have not heard your music, what would you tell them to expect?

Ash: Disappointment. *Laughs* It’s a hard one.

Dan: A lot of our songs sort of span different genres.

Ash: they all sound similar but they all have their own sound. I’ve never looked at it and thought ‘what does that sound like? Or who does that sound like?’

Dan: it’s kinda difficult. Because we have not seen ourselves play.

Ash: It does sound like someone because we all have got our influences. I don’t know, what have we been compared to?

Dan: The Kings of Leon, that kinda thing. But, expect three lads playing rock music, quite lively and energetic. Loud but also dynamic, you know we’ve got softer songs and there’s louder songs. And, we’ve got a few sing along choruses as well and nice punchy riffs.

Ash: It’s easy listening, it’s not hard to listen to.

R: Is there a song of yours that you’d want to put in a time capsule?

Dan: Yeah, I think there is quite a few really. But, one that sticks in my mind is a song that we’ve got that is called ‘Howl’. It’s just about disappointment in modern day working class life. And how almost impossibilities to break out of that, but that’s my choice. What about you guys?

 Ash: Probably ‘Howl’, it also probably spans to middle class so we get a bigger audience.

R: Do you want to stay local or branch out?

Dan: I mean the end game is selling records over seas and being able to do tours overseas. That’d be like a dream come true. But, we’ve got to keep our feet on the ground and stay true to the local scene. The idea at the moment is just to build a fan base, as much as we can. And then I dunno, hopefully someone will want us as like tour support or something and give us the next step up.

R: How important is the social aspect of what you do, in terms of collaborating etc.

Dan: At every gig we try and make sure that we always speak to bands that are there, just because you need to make a show of it like a family really, to make friends as much as possible with everyone there. We’ll talk to the crowds afterwards too, it’s really important to retain people that way too. It is one thing to come to our show but it’s another thing to be wanting to be part of our family.

R: What are you working on at the moment?

Dan: 2017 is just going to be about gigging as much as possible, you know spreading the word.

Listen to I Kept The Wolves Away latest single ‘Walnut Dash’:

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Instagram: @ikeptthewolvesaway

Twitter: @IKTWolvesAway


Catch them on Tour:

May 20th, The Plug, Sheffield

June 17th, Party on the Pit, Doncaster

Tramlines 2017, Sheffield

Words and Photographs by Rama Alsammouah

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