Remo Drive “Eat Shit” in New Music Video

With alternative bands, it’s often the case that the singles released before an album don’t hold a candle to the rest of the tracklist. If this is the case for Minnesota three piece Remo Drive, then we have an album of the year contender on our hands. This past weekend Remo Drive followed up their two excellent releases so far, “Yer Killing Me” and “Crash Test Rating”, with the equally brilliant “Eat Shit” and its accompanying music video.

Fitting loosely under the ever-expanding umbrella of ‘emo’, Remo Drive show they don’t really need to fit neatly into a genre to make brilliant music. While the tones of all three releases so far have varied slightly, the general combination of catchy chord progressions and angst-filled, adolescence themed lyricism shines through on all their releases so far, and “Eat Shit” is no different. The chorus of “All my friends are growing up, I eat shit daily,” is a humorous take on a theme that has always been common in pop punk and emo but Remo Drive have something about them that still makes their music sound fresh and exciting.

The music video’s very literal take on the song title will make anyone raise a smile (after they’ve finished gagging) and demonstrates why their music sounds so new, despite common themes. They seem like three young guys just trying to have a laugh and have fun making some music that they would enjoy themselves. Too many older bands in pop punk and emo rely on the old cliché lyrics regarding growing up and having fun when these lyrics don’t really hold any meaning to them anymore. Remo Drive can write insanely catchy tunes about their adolescence because they’re still trying to hold on to it and enjoy it right now. If they can continue to make music like this though, I hope they never truly grow up.

Remo Drive’s new album, Greatest Hits, is available March 16th and I would highly suggest checking it out the moment it drops. In the meantime, check out the music video for “Eat Shit” below:

Words by Josef Smith.

Photo Credit: Trevor Sweeney Media

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