Return of the Mac to Nambucca

Mac Demarco’s triumph return to England after his last show in May starts not with a bang but with an intimate whimper in a bar called Nambucca.

This stripped back Mac Demarco set was fantastic and something new, with even he himself stating he hadn’t tried this before, rather than play only new material or only hits, he solidly mixed in the two with a hint of Micheal Jackson, tequila and loud sporadic screeching.

Taking songs from 2 all the way to his new effort out in May, ‘This Old Dog’ ( it seems mac has completely dropped rock and roll night club songs). He took requests but sadly the only ones he accepted are songs he always plays anyway but was still all the crowd favourites such as ‘Cooking up something good’, ‘My kind of Woman’ and ‘Ode to Viceroy’.

He serenaded the audience alone with encouragement from his girlfriend, Kiki and an ecstatic crowd who at first weren’t quite sure what to think of a quiet calm mac rather than a drumstick up the arse Mac. Regardless, it was a fun experiment by Mac, him drunk, a bunch of eager fans and a guitar led to a great night of hits finishing off with a 30 minute rendition of still together. The new stuff sounds great, old stuff continues to shine and mac’s still got the boyish charm, highly recommend catching him at end of the road festival later this year.

The one thing that ruined the night were the more rowdy members of the crowd who clearly weren’t there for the music, we had guys interrupting his songs, girls stage invading just to take a selfie and it was clear Mac was getting irritated with them telling them to get rid of the phones and at one point stepping off the stage to see a bunch of idiots on the stage. Just some food for thought for next time, don’t be a dick and have some respect or artists won’t do these kinda of shows.

Not to end on a down note, the highlights of the night saw Mac loudly screaming what he had for tea, the crowd filling in the guitar parts of ‘Ode to Viceroy’ and Mac’s god awful British accent, hope he does these special shows more often, it’s where he shines and also gets hammered on tequila.

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Words by Connor Moore.

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