We were lucky enough to catch up with Chelmsford’s very own hoodlum, Rat Boy to get a brief insight on that eagerly anticipated debut album, what spending the majority of his time in a studio is like, his influences, his proudest musical moment so far & more.

“My sleeping pattern’s messy and I don’t see my friends as much as I’d like to.”


LIH: First things first, hows the album coming along?

JC: It’s done, just getting all the planning down for the release!

Seems the album will be coming much quicker than we all expected, an announcement is sure to come soon, presumably to tie in with the ‘Scum Album Tour’, tickets for which are available here.

LIH: Who or what have you gained influence from in the creation of your new material?

JC: Recently, in the last month, a lot of The Specials, Squeeze, DJ Premier and Pharrell.

Very, very good choices. 

LIH: You’ve shared several clips of slow ‘love’ songs on your social media accounts, sounding amazing by the way, I love that you take a different direction with every single thing you release – what’s fueled this vast diversity you have?

JC:  Thank you. I don’t know, I think it’s my short attention span and I’m into so much different music so it’s kinda been weird putting an album together with hip hop track, punk sounding guitar and the odd slow love song?? I’ve also got some interludes and weird stuff going on.

We can’t wait to hear it, sounds like a perfect blend of everything I love about music!

LIH: The studio has essentially became your second home recently, is that having any effect on you?

JC: My sleeping pattern’s fucked and I don’t see my friends as much as I would like to

Get the album out and give yourself a well deserved break bro.

LIH: What’s the longest continuous amount of time you’ve spent in the studio?

JC: Literally like three days without leaving! I pretty much live and sleep there, it’s a crazy place – they let me stay 24 hours!

Get yourself some fresh air Jordan, we don’t want you dying on us…

LIH: What was the defining moment for you, when you realised you could make a living as a musician?

JC: Maybe when I signed a record deal, it was a weird moment. It’s sick to be able to be creative every day, all day!

LIH: In addition to that, what has been your proudest moment so far as a musician? Supporting The Libs has gotta be up there, right?

JC: Supporting The Libertines has been my dream since I was a kid and winning an NME Award was well surreal.

Rat Boy won Best New Artist in 2016, here’s Jordan celebrating in style.

(image courtesy of Ben Bentley / NME)

LIH: If you were trapped on a desert island with nothing but three albums on your person, what would they be? 

JC: Beastie Boys ‘Hello Nasty’, Gorillaz ‘Demon Days’ and ‘Original Pirate Material’ by The Streets.

I would die more than happy with those three albums on repeat for the rest of my existence.

LIH: If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would it be?

JC: Madison Square Garden!

Kanye, Rat Boy are coming for you…

LIH: What’s Damon Albarn like? Have you heard any new Gorillaz material? 

JC: He’s sick, given me loads of great advice, and I can’t say.

Seems Albarn is taking the Game of Thrones approach in keeping secrets… Can’t imagine how amazing it must feel to be working closely with one of your idols.

LIH: What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time? I know that may be a very rare thing lately hahah!

JC: Painting on clothes and skateboarding!

Both are very prominent features of Cardy’s Instagram profile, take a look here.

LIH: Which releases are you most excited for this year?

JC: Dropping the album should hopefully be mad! Like two and a half years worth of ideas. My private SoundCloud has over 300 beat ideas on it, so I think I’m gonna drop a lot of random stuff through the year too.

LIH: You’re very outspoken on security at your gigs, what do you think needs to change in order to avoid conflict with security?

JC: I’m not talking about all security, but a lot of them I’ve encountered are really rough when people come over the barrier. It’s pretty intense and I think that makes things worse and people get hurt. I got pulled down a staircase by one at a festival like a year ago because he didn’t know I was in the band, but still if I had fallen it could of been pretty bad.


LIH: Loudest band member?

JC: Probably me

LIH: Drunkest band member? We all know the answer to this one hahaha!

JC: Noah 

LIH: Who’s the laziest when it comes to music?

JC: Tommy Davis

Not so Luxurious now are you Tommy…

LIH: Who has the best music taste?

JC: Me I reckon

LIH: Best dress sense?

JC: I think we are all pretty fresh

I’d agree, bro.

LIH: Best skater in the band?

JC: Noah by far

LIH: Favourite skater?

JC: Mark Gonzales


LIH: Lyric you’re most proud of?

JC: “The cunt stunk of skunk as he grabbed me by the neck” or “Trackies and North Face, a future court case” – I thought that was pretty funny.

LIH: Favourite record of 2016?

JC: I don’t even know any albums from last year haha!

LIH: What’s the next music video going to be and when can we expect to see it?

JC: Revolution, directed by me and Tommy Davis – within a month!

We here at Let It Happen are buzzing for this one, you heard it here first.

LIH: Where do you see yourself in five years time? You’ve already achieved the unimaginable, but what’s the ultimate dream?

JC: To write music that people can relate to and sing together. I also wanna build an art / music / video production type studio and print clothing too. The dream is to make like a creative hub where I can make loads of stuff from and maybe have a mini ramp so my friends can come hang xx

I don’t have a single doubt in my mind of the success that is certain to come to Rat Boy, he is one hell of a character and an incredible creative who deserves every inch of success that will be coming his way in the masses very soon!

Let It Happen sends a massive thank-you to Jordan for taking some time out of his busy schedule to chat to us and spill the beans on the future! Lots of love always to Rat Boy,  I’m ecstatic for the future and how he is going to make 2017 his bitch.

Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of Topman)

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