The Garden ‘U Want The Scoop?’ EP Review:

U Want The Scoop? Yeah, we got it baby !

The eclectic Orange County twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears, also known as innovative punk duo The Garden, have never been ones to follow the trends. They’ve created their very own boundaries. 2015’s ‘haha‘ saw the boys playing around with an experimental garage DIY punk sound, peppered with drum and bass-esque synths, pounding basslines and all round uniqueness. Their brand new EP ‘U Want The Scoop?‘ falls no short of that mark, furthering that direction and pushing the limits of all previous releases that have came before it.

(image by Hedi Slimane)

Likewise to their last LP, the new EP is splattered with synthesized percussion beats and sinisterly distorted vocals. Despite the EP only hitting the 5 track mark, they don’t cease to display the sheer (see what I did there) diversity of music that they have up their sleeves.  The duo showcase their electro-pop talents with the keyboard on “All Access” and their more aggressive side on “Make Yer Mark“.

The EP lacks seriousness all over, and that is made acceptable in that the subject matter is immature throughout. Wyatt chimes “I like cereal but I ain’t no serial killer” over and over like a broken record on the chorus of bold opener ‘Clay‘. The EP takes a more coherent turn of events with ‘Have A Good Day Sir‘ a track that delivers that typical punk defiance via a conversation with a police officer.

Overall, the EP is an unpredictable mishap of controlled chaos, that may not be for the feint hearted, upholding a similar atmosphere to experimental king pins Death Grips.  The lyrics are wacky however filled to the brim with assertiveness, exceptionally so on titular track and album concluder ‘U Want The Scoop?‘. The track is carried by a trap/dubstep instrumental, accompanied by lyricism such as “You want the scoop? Yeah, we got it baby” and “You can smell his scent from a mile away, you probably drive me past this billboard everyday” climaxing into a rapid, lively drum and bass sensation that could be likened to an acid trip.

It is The Garden’s peculiar qualities that have brought them their success and made them who they are, the duo are extremely self-aware and will never let down that “give no fucks” mentality.  The twins know exactly how crazy their music sounds, and they are showing no signs of dilution any time soon, as they grow crazier and crazier with every release. The band have again adapted from last years singles ‘Call This Number Now‘, ‘Play Your Cards Right‘ and ‘California Here We Go’, which was, of course, a brilliant and distinctive sound, but not one I had wished the band would uphold with future efforts.

‘U Want The Scoop?’ takes the duo onto a brand new, extravagant road that I hope never ends. I have tickets to see the band on the London date of their EU/UK tour in the coming weeks, and its going to be one hell of a ride, that’s for sure!

The tour kicks off in Berlin next week, tickets for all dates are still available here.

Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of Indie Magazine)

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