The Glass Child ‘White Spaces’ Track Review.

Swedish singer-songwriter Charlotte Eriksson aka The Glass Child released her new single ‘White Spaces’ last month on the 24th of February. The single will lead into an EP set for release in Spring, this will add to her impressive collection of 5 EPs and 3 full length albums.

Her story is one you’d be used to seeing on the big screen in a coming of age film, Charlotte left her home and everything she knew at 18 to throw herself into a career in music, she hasn’t looked back since. Fast forward five years, she has created her own record label, had her music played across the world on many radio stations(including BBC Radio 6), published 3 books and has reached #2 on the Swedish iTunes singles chart.

The Glass Child hasn’t strayed from her iconic sound, ‘White Spaces’ is a delicate, ambient track with it’s simple melody and light vocals. The use of minimal instruments projects the emotional, honest lyrics further and the hardship in Charlotte’s voice is evident as she speaks of a difficult period within her life. The lyrics have a depth yet her light voice carries the weight well, the situation is almost played out before you, as if you yourself were there, this is a skill The Glass Child has mastered very well. You share the emotion with her and are dragged into her world within just 4 minuets.

Generally, the track is stripped back and slow but the melody builds up underneath the lyrics, leading to a moving pinnacle towards the middle of the track. This adds to the beauty of the song and the expression within the track, its emotionally driven and is highly touching  at moments.

The Glass Child is an extremely interesting artist, she has a back catalogue unlike any other young artists and is making a huge impression across the world with her stories. I highly recommend you take the time out to listen and explore her as an artist and an author, she is intriguing and the emotion she conveys will touch you significantly.

All images courtesy of The Glass Child/Charlotte Eriksson


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