alt-J announce new album and unleash stunning new track ‘3ww’

Well, they’re back. The experimental rock band from leeds have announced that they will be releasing brand spanking new album named ‘Relaxer’. The album is a follow up from their last offering ‘This is all Yours’ which was released in 2014.

The band have also unleashed the stunning new track ‘3ww’ which, according to reports,  might feature the beautiful vocals of Wolf Alice singer Ellie Roswell.

The track begins with some enchanting acoustic guitar before bass and percussion break out into a melodic beat, with Massive Attack elements seeping through the rhythm. The bass is loud when turned up to the max. It pulses through you, and when the guitar returns with a soothing, almost Jose Gonzalez style sound to it, you cant help but to either turn up the volume further, or or close your eyes and relax. I chose both and it was a bloody great decision.

The echoey and medieval elements to the vocals throughout the song  are apparent as soon as the first words are uttered. These first words, sang by Gus send chills down your spine. Its an elegant and mystical performance which matches all the elements of the track. alt-j remain visual and elemnts of their sound seep through, such as the harmonic vocals of Joe, and what could be Ellie Roswell match perfectly with the beautiful piano played in the background.

Its multi-instrumental, its mesmerising, its typical alt-j.

The new single was part of a trio of announcements, one of which was the announcement that the band would be playing a special show at The o2 in London on June 16th, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the mega music venue opening.

The album ‘Relaxer’, if its anything to go by, will make you just want to sit in your dimly lit room starring into space, as you take in the sounds of the new album. Thats what i’ll be doing in the early hours of its release.

Either way, I cant wait for the new record. Its set to be a belter of a record, and possibly one of the best releases of 2017.

Track listing:

In Cold Blood
House of the Rising Sun
Hit Me Like That Snare
Last Year

Featured image courtesy of DIY

Words by Piran Aston

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