720 EP by alexjazz

The new ep from AlexJazz, titled 720, is a superb mixture of sounds, ambience at its best akin to Aphex Twin. Perfect for background music the sound melts through each song and provides a relaxing allure, opening with a very Kid A styled intro and sliding into the sort of music and sounds you’d expect to hear in a jungle mixed with industrial beats, creating a subliminal mix of sound that blends perfectly. The ep is similar to King Gizzard’s stuff in how it flows each song into the next and the tuning on the guitar giving a very eastern feel to it, as if you’d find it in some foreign market, it’s fascinating how all the sounds come together, especially in the songs ‘Sustain’ and ‘Candles’ which add echoing vocals over simple chord work to create a calm piece of music. With the return of ambience with bands such as The XX back on the scene, this is another perfect addition and I hope to hear more, it’s laid back psychedelia at it’s finest.

Words by Connor Moore.

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