Cardiff lads Himalayas release ‘Thank God I’m Not You’

Himalayas are a local band to me. I’ve had the privilage of seeing them live and they have such a great energy and really know how to put on a show. The Cardiff indie rockers consist of :

Mike Griffiths – Lead Guitar/Vox
Joseph Williams – Rythm Guitar/Vox
Louis Heaps – Bass
James Goulbourn – Drums

‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is the band’s follow up single to their 2016 EP ‘Ecstasy’. The track screams classic indie rock with it’s distinctive intro which creates a crunchy overdrive feel instantly. The song has lyrics that can be related to and the leader singer has a sense emotion and anger that carries forth in his voice. It has a unique and lustrous guitar solo which paths the way for an exciting drop that you can almost feel just by listening. I’d imagine the live version to be even more gritty too. ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ is very original, I can’t think of another song like it, which I like.

You can listen to ‘Thank God I’m Not You’ on Soundcloud on the link down below:

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