Cosmo Pyke Shows Us Exactly Why He’s One For The Future

On March 1st, Cosmo Pyke treated us to a mesmerising set at The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. On his first solo tour of his career, he sold out the 150 capacity venue and produced an incredible set which blew away the audience and had everyone toe tapping and head swaying.

The set opened with ‘Catfish’, a new track by `Cosmo which features an upbeat rhythm and that all the same elegant guitar playing which we all know and love. ‘Wish You Were Gone’, the first track of Cosmo Pyke’s debut EP ‘Just Cosmo’ The smooth intro of reverbed electric guitars and steady drum beats played buy a guy called Eddie, who’s birthday coincided the Birmingham date. (Cosmo leads the song ‘happy birthday’ which is sung to Eddie by him and the crowd). The jazz influences on Cosmo shone through this track, and live, he had the crowd swaying from side to side.

The near 8 minute long, epic and smooth ‘Great Dane’ proved to be a highlight of the night. The extremely smooth and passionate vocals of Cosmo, alongside the jazz-esque guitar and drum, this was Cosmo performing at his finest. His rapping mixes well alongside the groove influenced sound.

Cosmo Pyke then unveiled two new tracks which continued the use of his jazz influences  and a development in his vocals, rapping at times. This will hopefully become a much more common feature in his music, as he takes it in his stride with perfection.

In between tracks, Cosmo unleashed a soothing guitar solo filled with dreamy reverb. His face, gleaming with joy, showed his emotion and his pride and joy in performing. This soothing mix of dreamy rock and jazz

The two closing tracks, ‘Chronic Sunshine’ and ‘Social Sites’ bring an elegant close to the set. Chronic Sunshine had the crowd swaying and belting the lyrics back toward the 18 year old singer songwriter. His witty lyrics and references to his youthful nocturnal days in Peckham run freely through these tracks.

‘Social Sites’ was the perfect way to end the set.“Why does she cry? Cus’ these social sites” sings Cosmo as he plays the melodic psych sounds on his guitar. Its a thrilling watch. Cosmo is a talented young musician who has a hell of a lot going for him, and a future which is most defiantly going to be bright.

Featured image courtesy of Meg Firth, Let It Happen

Words by Piran Aston

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