North Downs race out the hurdles with first single “Plastic Clouds”

A London raver and a delta blues man fuse sounds to create opening track Plastic Clouds for their new project North Downs. A concept the 3 piece want to be completely their own. A clear and organic track, not a piece submerged with input from the city. Just a rundown countryside barn as the setting used to write, record and produce the debut track all in one day. No pressure then. The hope that the short deadline would only leave time for swift decision making and clarity, and boy did the somewhat out of the box methods deliver.

The Multiple electronic and blues influences this track have shine through and release a very cleansed and pure offering that has a relaxed rural vibe beaming throughout.

The opening to the track has an almost classic Andean feel to it, something reminiscent of a South American tribe hidden away playing instruments deep in the Amazon rainforest. The track then takes a turn as the guitar begins to purr, the mysterious plucking creates the imagery of a cowboy strutting into a bar in a western film. The pure and soothing sounds’ surrounding the track sets my mind racing. The electronic presence is felt as the track drops into a hypnotic state; the track almost has me enchanted as the echoing vocals are at the forefront of this refreshing venture.

Already members of well-established electronic groups, North Downs set out to “get as far out of the city as possible” and make something organic, fresh and exciting. I think it’s clear to see they succeeded in that.



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