Circa Waves hit even greater heights with new album ‘Different Creatures’

Since the release of their debut album ‘Young Chasers’ back in 2015, Circa Waves have been on the rise. Growing in popularity with their summery hits and suberb sound, which not many people can match.

Right from the get go the album shows us a new, much heavier side of Circa Waves. ‘Wake Up’ has an opening riff which is fierce and full of energy. The fast paced bass and guitar collide together to create a masterful ballad of heavy rock, and those summery sounds of Circa’s debut. It’s the boldest thing they’ve written, and the perfect way to open a record which fails to disappoint.

The dirty opening of grunge guitars on ‘Fire That Burns’ gives way to a more melodic and serious verse, with the chorus of the song featuring anthem like guitars and vocals .“You call me a liar, you call me so innocent, but you lit the fire, the fire that burns…” is a lyric that you can’t help but bellow the lyrics. Its catchy, and typically Circa Waves, but with a much heavier edge.

‘Goodbye’ is undoubtedly the heaviest, and the best track on the album for me. The opening riff is just phenomenal. You get a very metal feel from the opening of the track, with bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age appear to have taken influence on the much heavier moments of the album. Its a scorching and intense listen, it proves the band are eager and hungry to show what they can offer, and they really don’t disappoint with this track.

Early Radiohead seems to have seeped into ‘Go On My Own’ with the culmination of the reverb heavy electric guitars, acoustic chords and groaning vocals. The massive crescendo during the chorous alongside the elongated guitar notes is reminiscent of tracks such as ‘You’ and ‘Yes I Am’ by Radiohead. Its a similar style, but with Circa Waves youthfulness. The addition of strings in the last half of the song, and Kieren’s epic sounding vocals, this track is one of the strongest moments on a brilliant album.

The title track has elements that we see in their debut album, and also takes a leaf out of The Strokes 2011 album ‘Angels’ with that opening bass riff and guitars which soar throughout the track in between choruses. By the time the chorus does come, we are immersed into the world of Circa Waves. The epic vocals which fill fans with joy and energy like e see on their debut return, showing that elements of the old are still mixed in with the new.

‘Crying Shame’ is a nostalgic anthem full of youth and vibrancy. “catching the bus past the cemetery, we were one pod two peas” shows a nostalgic side to Kieren as the references of how someone used to wait for him and listen to shit jokes are apparent throughout this track. Its touching in a way. Just like ‘Love’s Run Out’, the acoustic ballad of the album which draws in emotion and some melodic vocals and guitar playing from the lead singer. I expect this track to become a fans favourite. Its touching, and soft. It’s a “can i go on your shoulders for..” kind of song.

The album then breaks out into the summery vibes of ‘Young Chasers’ with ‘Stuck’, the third single for the album. Its a steady and bass heavy track, and as soon as the title is uttered the vibrant and energetic guitars of the first album reappear in and amongst that heavy and thumping bass guitar. ‘A Night On The Broken Tiles’ offers   a fantastic opening. The deep cut track is another stand out song for me, the build up in this track is superb and memorable, alongside the sliding guitars during the chorus. Its originality shines, and the power of the bass breaks through each and every track.

‘Without You’ brings the sounds of Feeder and bands like them back to life, with that lo-fi introduction and the implementing of loud and fast paced guitars. Its another track which I believe adds to their collection of bangers. The final track ‘Old Friends’ is a smooth and softer track than what we’ve heard on the album. It calms the mood right down from boiling point to a nice and cool 20 degrees. The smooth guitars, and drum beat create a perfect way to close the record, and probably another track to had to your morning playlist of chilled out guitar music.

Overall, ‘Different Creatures’ is a huge step forward for Circa Waves. They’ve experimented to the max with newer and heavier sounds being implement into their music. It suits the band well, and this new direction is exciting and thrilling.


Circa Waves are embarking on a mega tour of the UK with support coming from two other incredible bands, Inheaven and The Magic Gang. You can buy tickets here:

Featured image courtesy of Kerrang Magazine

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