Darlia return to earth with ‘Ballad of Black & White’

After 2 years of what felt like a lifetime, Blackpool’s finest ‘Darlia’ have come back to earth following their alien abduction. They have released their new track today ‘ Ballad of Black & White’ and the word ballad depicts the track perfectly.



The track is a beautiful glimpse of what Summer 2017 will look like through Darlia tinted glass. Nathan’s distinctive voice is a work of art in itself, combine that with funky riffs and rhythms throughout and you have yourself a polished masterpiece.

I first caught the band in 2014 at Thekla in Bristol and have been a fan ever since. There sound is raw, unique and utterly sublime. The trio have a handful of gigs coming up, along with inevitable festivals.



The song shows exactly what the band have been doing for the last 2 years. (besides being abducted by aliens of course…) The song is a pure anthem, and doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

A solid return, leaving myself and other fans craving more. Magical.


Words by Joshua Roberts

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