“Indie-pop so sweet, it might just give you tooth decay” – The Night Café release their debut EP ‘Get Away from the Feeling’

‘Get Away from the Feeling’ EP, a review

Let's be honest, if you're not acquainted with The Night Café and their bittersweet spin on indie-pop, you've probably been hiding out underground for the last six months. Growing upon a shared love of classic artists, from The Beatles to The Coral, this Liverpudlian four-piece, all still in their teens and barely out of school, have speedily become rising stars of the 'indie' scene, capturing our hearts (and ears) with their love-struck guitar-pop tunes that we've fallen head over heels for.

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Sell out tours with the likes of Sundara Karma and The Wombats soon followed, and now, just weeks before joining Blaenavon on their headline album tour, the quartet have at last got around to releasing their debut EP, 'Get Away from the Feeling'.

 Although at first it appears lazily put together, just an amalgamation of previously released singles. But it's an unsuspecting trick that pays off from the moment you hit play, an EP that shows serious progression from start to finish. Opener 'Mixed Signals' revels in soft jangle-pop melodies that seamlessly cascade into the chant-able chorus, brimming with crystalline vocal hooks and sugary guitars. "I didn't think that I didn't need you/I just got fucked and you  made the decisions" guiltily admits singer and guitarist Sean Martin during the verse, not so sweet after all...
'You Change with the Seasons' treads a similar path; throwing around jittery slices of guitar and boasting yet another gorgeously executed chorus, it's got all the makings of an indie-pop masterpiece. But It's on latest single 'Strange Clothes'  however that The Night Café really have room to play. rhythmic drum beats meet sprawling riffs in unfamiliarly anthemic fashion, revealing a musical maturity far beyond their years.
Saving the best for last is it? As yet unreleased track 'The Way of Mary' basks in sun-kissed surf-pop melodies, whilst silky guitar lines blissfully entwine throughout. But who is this Mary? A bizarre Liverpool street name? an old flame? Or is it a stoners ode to 'Mary Jane', a personification of the band's Marijuana habit, this seems much more likely...

Having amassed such a huge following on the back of only a few singles, no EP, no album, no nothing is staggering to say the least, but it's a reality The Night Café brush off lightly. After all, they're still just four boys writing indie-pop so sweet, it might just give you tooth decay. 'Get Away from the Feeling' is a superb entry statement for the band, concealing both variety and maturity within its fizzy pop hooks.
The Night Café will be supporting Blaenavon on the first leg of their spring headline tour this March/April (all dates and tickets can be found here), and will also be setting out on a headline tour of their own in May. I've listed these dates below:


1, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

2, Bullingdon, Oxford

3, Dingwalls, London

4, Waterfront, Norwich

5, O2 Academy 2, Liverpool

25, Stereo, Glasgow

Support on all dates except Liverpool comes from Safe To Swim and Bloxx.

Words by Joe Bulger

Featured image courtesy of the band’s Facebook page

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