Milky Chance release the latest single, creamy smooth track Blossom

Milky Chance release the latest single, creamy smooth track Blossom. The track is not only the curtain raiser for the hotly anticipated second album from the German based duo, but also doubles up as the mellow name for the hotly anticipated LP.

The soothing opening track sets the tone for the rest of the album. The track is typical of Milky Chance, perfectly merging the bands trademark husky vocals with an indulgently smooth undertone intent on releasing those blue sky vibes. The track is laid back and simple on the surface but if dissected it reveals a much deeper meaning. Clemens explains, “It’s about emerging from that nihilism and negativity to find meaning and emotion again.”

It’s a concept that epitomises the duo. The piece is a positive spin drawing a clever comparison between new beginnings and the start of spring-fitting to when the album is to be released. New life is created and fortunes are amended in the spring time. The toe tapping track has a lovely folk influenced riff where the lyric ‘Blossom out’ ricochet around the track as upbeat vibes invade the tracks initial stormy negativity.

The track is good natured, very listenable and is a slicked back cool interpretation on the negative feelings and emotions we all feel during the course of our lives.

Milky Chance album Blossom- Is released this coming Friday the 17th of March.

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