NARCS At The Old Blue Last

The tiny London venue could barely contain NARCS as their energy spilled off the stage and into the sizeable crowd that had gathered for the Leeds lads.

NARCS have a charm and flair that deserves a sold-out crowd. Frontman Wilko delivered blisteringly hot vocals while bandmates Joe, John and Stanley dealt dirty reverb and sweltering basslines. The set was breakneck from the get-go, with imposing single ‘Pig’ being particularly memorable with its sultry sophistication.

They exude a magnetism that enticed the Saturday night punters from the pub downstairs, with each person coming through the door  mid-set mouthing “woah” as they revelled at the unimpeded energy of the fiery four-piece.

NARCS have it all: stage presence, originality, personality and roofless talent. It’s undeniable that they have the potential to fill festival tents and sell out venues in the near future.

Have a listen to their recorded material and you’ll get what I’m talking about:

Words and Images by Meg Firth


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