The Big Moon’s formidable debut album ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’

 With their seamless chemistry, celestial charm and undeniable virtuosity, The Big Moon are the band everyone wants to be part of. Live, they bounce about the stage together in unimpeded bliss, their wavy garms rippling under the reverb of genius riffs while their smiles stretch from ear to ear. This exhilarating energy and uninhibited delight is encapsulated perfectly within their debut album, ‘Love in the 4th Dimension’, released on the 7th of April via Fiction Records.

“We spent twelve gorgeous summer days in the studio hanging out with the brilliant producer and super babe Catherine Marks, experimenting and noodling and shredding and hitting things until all the right noises happened at once.”

– Juliette Jackson

You catch yourself smiling as The Big Moon’s signature soundscape crashes through your headphones, each song gorgeously composed and refreshingly original. With landfill indie plaguing the scene and unimaginative rip-off artists somehow snaking their way to the top, The Big Moon are a bright, formidable light. TBM classics ‘Formidable’, ‘Silent Movie Susie’, ‘The Road’, ‘Sucker’ and ‘Cupid’ punctuate the album with their explosive seduction and hypnotic swagger, beckoning your imagination towards the sweaty magic of their live shows. These five tracks alone prove that The Big Moon’s tracks are all bangers with no room for mash, confirming them simply as the most brilliant band on the scene.

“We’ve been playing these songs for two years now, and it’s a dream come true to finally immortalise them on record. It’s like having eleven tiny babies all at once, all with their own little faces and voices and personalities, and now we’re ready to throw them out of our nest and into your ears.”

– Juliette Jackson

The album offers both exhilarating escapism and comforting empathy. The infernal riffs of certified banger ‘Bonfire’ inject you with a thrill that makes you want to go fuck up your local supermarket, a devilish anthem that is destined to incite moshes from the stage to the smoking area. This cheeky sass peppers the whole album, with coughs, blown raspberries, dropped tambourines, tummy slaps and hand claps infusing the tracks with winks of The Big Moon girls’ zesty charm.

Meanwhile, ‘Zeds’ is a wistful track that expresses longing. “I try my hardest to get off to sleep / But, oh, you win, you’re worth losing zeds for,” croons Jules with her deeply dreamy vocals that oscillate with a magnetising allure. This transitions beautifully into aptly-titled album-closer ‘The End’, which opens stripped-back with Soph’s emotive guitar and Jules’ timeless vocals. The track builds as Celia’s sauntering bass and Fern’s beats pick up the pace, before each element amalgamates into a laid back anthem that’s rich in both feeling and atmosphere. “I just don’t know” spits Jules in a seamless bridge to the chorus before the rest of the girls chime in, anthemically singing “what to do”.

The album is pure quality from start to finish, and oozes with character. It’s a cheeky wink down the barrel of a gun, a food fight at a sophisticated dinner party and, most importantly, an album that will be blasted through speakers for countless years to come.

A solid 11/10

Words by Meg Firth

Featured Image by Charlotte Patmore (@voteforpatmore)


Love In The 4th Dimension Tracklisting:
Pull The Other One
The Road
Happy New Year
Silent Movie Susie
Love In The 4th Dimension
The End
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