Slowdive’s haunting performance at The Fleece

Slowdive are well and truly back with the announcement of their new self titled album, which is set to be released  May 5th via Dead Oceans. The band have also played a string of  intimate dates to dust off the cob webs and to treat their fans who have been waiting patiently for a whopping 22 years for brand new music. The mini tour started off in Glasgow then moved to Liverpool, London and ended at The Fleece, Bristol where a few of us witnessed what was possibly heaven.

Local band Twin Palace set foot on stage as the main support and the singer stated that as a band collectively Slowdive are their favourite band and it was massive for them to be supporting. The stage set up was rather quirky with old fashioned TV’s linked up to camcorders. A mix of Slowdive and Diiv this band are capable of big things. If you are looking for young upcoming ‘Shoegaze’ bands then I definitely would recommend Twin Palace.

Now onto the moment we had been waiting for. Slowdive, yes one of the best bands to come from the UK setting foot onto the stage. We couldn’t believe that we were roughly inches away from one of our all time favourite bands. It was surreal.

This world needs a band like Slowdive. Unique and beautiful you will definitely shed a tear or two. As part of a team we are so happy that they are back and that the band seem happy to be playing shows and releasing a brand new album. Slowdive will forever live on.

Joe: Now I’ve been to a fair few gigs over the last 3 or 4 years, and seen an uncountable amount of artists and bands in venues of all shapes and sizes, from the darkest, and dingiest basements to the grandest arenas. With this in mind, I can easily say that few to none have ever come close to what I witnessed last night. To see arguably my favourite band of all time in such an intimate venue in my home city was an otherworldly experience, I truly wish I could relieve it all over again. Filling the 450 capacity room with a cascade of melodic, droning guitars, Slowdive struck on a hugely emotional level, that even I found myself gazing solemnly at my shoes. A near flawless setlist, balanced with material from 1993’s ‘Souvlaki’, its much underrated predecessor, ‘Just for a Day’ as well as newer tracks from their upcoming record, only added to the sheer elation of the evening. From ‘Avalyn’ to ‘Star Roving’, I may have left The Fleece every so slightly deaf, but it was an experience that I wont’ be forgetting in a hurry, I can barely wait for the new album!
Ben: Last night was quite possibly the best show I have ever been to, slowdive absolutely blew me away and left me overwhelmed with happiness, I shed a tear on several occasions, the entire set and the stage design was beautiful and the band held such a legendary stage presence, it was extremely satisfying to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve and you could truly see how happy it made them, the band looked and sounded just as amazing as they did twenty years ago and the new songs are incredible! The support act killed it too, gave off major diiv vibes at times!
Slowdive Setlist


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