West Midlands rockers Spilt Milk Society release a euphorical track ‘Voices’

Spilt Milk Society are a Midlands based band and the promising five piece group are an ‘Indie’ dream. With over 15,000 monthly listeners and half a million streams on different music platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music. They’ve had their music played on radio stations such as BBC Radio 2 and even BBC introducing in Shropshire have welcomed them with wide arms, too. I feel like Spilt Milk Society are the band to watch out for this year, with their infectious Indie-Pop tunes and their fast pace glide to music stardom.

Their new single ‘Voices’ which has followed on from their recent EP release ‘I LIKE MY OWN COMPANY’, was a surprise for me considering I have never listened to Spilt Milk Society before and it’s a song that’s euphorical and has an eerie sound to begin with. The beat gets stronger, it’s almost like a pulse..it gets faster and faster. Bursts of energy erupt from the song and the vocal ranges are diverse and it’s almost like I’m craving for an album off them with songs like this – an energy filled album. Maybe they have one the cards. But who knows what’s in store for them.

In contrast with the beat, the vocals are diverse and gorgeous but also quite rough and it lifts the mood of the song in a beautiful way.

Listen to the song below.


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