Cloud Nothings produced an explosive set at the Hare And Hounds

A band I’ve been desperate to see for a few years now, Cloud Nothings are an American noise-rock outfit originating from Cleveland, Ohio. The band have released 5 albums as well as a collaborative record with post-punk rockers Wavves in 2015.

The band have recently released their 5th studio album ‘Life Without Sound’ and it turned out that the band ended up writing some of their best material for this record. Songs such as ‘Up To The Surface’, ‘Realise My Fate’ and ‘Internal World’ stand out as some of the best rock songs to be released this year. With this album in mind, I was even more excited to see them, especially at a venue like the Hare and Hounds.

The band took to the stage in precarious fashion, the sold out room had to keep a small walkway for the band to walk through the crowd and up onto stage as calmly and as collective as possible. The opened with the epic and melodic ‘Up To The Surface’, the opening track from their latest album. The bass was loud and filled the room with a progressive and distinctive noise of thrashing guitars and groany vocals from lead singer Dylan Baldi.

The band played pretty much all the songs off their latest LP and this proved to go down quite well with the crowd as ‘Life Without Sound’ is a pretty god damn good record. The up beat and sunny ‘Modern Act’ provoked a small amount of the crowd to begin jumping and to go wild, the smashing cymbals mixing with the fast paced bass and guitars provided a great sound, which was replicated perfectly live. ‘Darkened Rings’ provoked a few more people to take part in the wildness. It was threatening, and the epic and traumatic breakdown sent a wall of noise flooding the venue. Other new tracks such as ‘Sight Unseen’, ‘Enter Entirely’ and ‘Strange Year’ had a great reception, the trio of new album songs impacted the set list with the band heading into darker territories like on the almost nursery rhyme sounding ‘Strange Year’.

The set list comprised a variety of tracks from the albums, yet with their new album taking centre stage, the band struggled to fit in the classics. ‘Psychic Trauma’ ‘Pattern Walks’ and ‘I’m Not Apart Of Me’, taken from the bands 4th album ‘Here and Nowhere Else’ proved worthy of the place on their live set. Thralling with energy, the trio of songs hit the crowd hard and fans appeared relived that these featured. ‘I’m Not Apart Of Me’, the skate anthem and possibly one of the Ohio bands best songs, was probably one of the best songs played that night. It was an energetic performance with the crowd throwing the lyrics back at the band.

Yet the disappointing nature of the evening came in the form of the amount of songs played from their epic and stunning third album ‘Attack On Memory’ ¬†with just two tracks played. The poppy intro and contrast from that into fast paced electrifying guitars of ‘Fall In’ and the epic fan favourite ‘Stay Useless’ were the only tracks which appeared from the album.

‘Realise My Fate’ proved to be a worthy set closer however. The closing track from the bands latest record, it was a perfect closer with its slow introduction of high pitched guitars, the build up of drums and bass turning into a chaotic storm of heavy indie rock. The end of the song compiled of an almost riotous performance with the band lossing their shit completely and mashing random sound and noise together to create a storm of guitars and bass.

With the missing ‘Wasted Days’ which featured a few nights before at their show in London, this would be another disappointment. Yet Cloud Nothings enthralled the crowd and produced a magnificent show, even through my ears hurt for days to come.

Cloud Nothings played:

  • Up To The Surface
  • Modern Act
  • Psychic Trauma
  • Darkened Rings
  • Stay Useless
  • Enter Entirely
  • I’m Not A Part Of Me
  • Sight Unseen
  • Strange Year
  • Fall In
  • Things Are Right With You
  • Pattern Walks
  • Internal World
  • Realize My Fate

Words From Piran Aston

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