Fuzzy Hartlepool quartet, Plaza, share red hot new track from upcoming debut EP:

The band have already created quite the buzz with their shoegaze meets indie meets dream pop sounds of glittering singles Blood Orange and Youth and yesterday Plaza released the first cut from their debut self-titled EP which will be released on the 14th of April.

(image taken from the band’s Facebook page)

The track opens with dreamily jangly guitars and progresses into pounding grunge-esque chords that could be likened to that of Just A Boy by fellow dream pop shoegazers Jaws. The percussion of the track really brings the groove, and ups the pace in preparation for the chaotic guitars that really encompass what the band are all about.

(EP artwork, courtesy of the band’s Twitter)

The track climaxes with a powerful breakdown, consisting of reverb heavy guitars and pummelling drumming accompanied by the distorted vocal delivery of Brad Lennard that follows nicely in the footsteps of legendary bands like The Cure and Slowdive. Plaza are definitely something special and I highly recommend you keep yourself up too date with them, as they are destined to be at the highest of heights alongside bands that are on the same page and currently dominating the game such as Palace and Jaws.

The EP is set to be a belter, with the track playing over and over (Deep) In My Head, pardon the pun. The track battles the forever relevant issue of mental health, as suggested by the title, its about being lost in your own mind. The band are currently touring the UK and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Be sure to take a gander over to the bands SoundCloud page to check out Deep In My Head as well as their other material to get yourself psyched for the new EP.

Words by Ben Davies

*featured image taken from the band’s Facebook page*

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