‘Write In’ gets a write-up, Happyness return with their long anticipated follow-up album

Bringing the lo-fi charm of ’90s indie-rock into the 21st century, you’d be mistaken to think that London trio Happyness were a bygone product of America’s underground 80’s college-rock scene. But their debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ propelled Jon EE Allan (Bass/vocals), Benji Compston (Guitar/vocals) and Ash Cooper (Drums) to the forefront of so called, ‘jangle-gaze’, where main stage slots and UK and US tours with Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz, even Brit-pop icons Suede inevitably soon followed.

Drawing influence from a who’s who of US Indie-rock, from Yo La Tengo to Pavement, Sparklehorse and The Velvet Underground, Happyness’ own brand of hazy post-Grunge earned them widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike, whilst their 2015 debut made it onto many an end of year list. Returning in 2017 with their hugely anticipated sophomore record, ‘Write In’, it’s a game-changer for the Bermondsey slackers, flirting with woozy dream-pop whilst still very much marrying the former with their charismatic indie fuzz.

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From the first few notes of swirling, shoegaze-esque guitar felt on opening track ‘Falling Down’, it’s apparent that there’s an interesting, and subtly new element to Happyness’ sound. Described by bassist Jon EE Allan as “one of many anti-overthinking songs”, it’s melancholy tones and washes of gentle percussion gently unravel as the track chugs along

‘The Reel Starts Again’ marks similarly unfamiliar ground; a grand piano-led ballad spattered with slivers of warbling guitar that could’ve stumbled mischievously  off of a Paul McCartney record‘Through Windows’ is again a touching lullaby, its sublime piano melody balanced by that same wry sense of humour that underpins the song’s killer chorus .

“…The chorus [‘Through Windows’] started out as a kind of purposeful mishearing of “Ride Into The Sun” by The Velvet Underground – I used to think it could just as easily be heard as “Right Into…”, or “Write In To”…”

Jon EE Allan

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Happyness had found a new lease of life as mop-haired pedal merchants, however the band still grasp to the quirky pop-like charm that made ‘Weird Little Birthday’ so uniquely specialFor example, ‘Anytime’ bears a dirty, Sonic Youth-like chug reminiscent of the trio’s earliest releases, scuzzy, crunching riffs accompanied by Jon EE’s signature bass line. It more than matches the affectionate slacker intensity of the band’s debut.

In other areas, including on the tender, slow jam amble of ‘Victor Lazarro’s Heart’ and the raspingly delivered “Uptrend/Style Raids”, Happyness write and play with a sincerity somewhat less visible on ‘Weird Little Birthday’. Where the trio’s 2015 debut prided itself on its wonderful absurdity (see the interestingly titled ‘Great Minds Think Alike, All Brains Taste The Same’ and ‘Baby, Jesus (Jelly Boy) etc.), there’s a sense of mindful maturity on ‘Write In’.

“I think this record is saying there’s a massive world outside this little American alt-rock sphere we were looking in on…I don’t think the anti-earnest thing we had is as present anymore. Part of what’s opened up is just being able to be tender or heartfelt without feeling guilty about it”

Jon EE Allan

Recent single ‘Bigger Glass Less Full’ is a rollicking, 2-minute fuzz number; caked in unruly distortion, it shows Happyness flexing their musical muscles with gritty riffs equally balanced by Compston’s floaty vocalsGoing out with more of a sigh than a bang,  near epic album closer ‘Tunnel Vision On Your Part’ (taken from the 2016  EP of the same name) showcases almost everything that makes Happyness a top flight band, from its sweet, simple melody and sharp lyrical wit, down to the disjointed stabs of piano that close the track, as melancholy chants of “…as the credits roll forever” pierce the curtain of droning reverb.

As ever Happyness are at their most content, and often their best when most carefree, penning reflective, and achingly romantic slacker-rock that’s never lyrically or musically lazy. Whilst ‘Write In’ may fall short in expectations of ‘Weird Little Birthday’s most die-hard fans, in fact the album bursts with fuzzy character, taking in elements of hypnotic psychedelia and oozing dream-pop within its sumptuous hooks and laid-back melodies. The entire record radiates a certain West Coast vibe a world away from its uninspiring beginnings, a dusty and dis-used bookshop in South London, the thoughtfully named ‘Jelly Boy Studios”. ‘Write In’ is an impressive and bold step forward for Happyness, who knows where it will take them.


‘Write In’ track listing:

Falling Down

The Reel Starts Again [Man As Ostrich]


Through Windows

Uptrend/Style Raids

Bigger Glass Less Full

Victor Lazarro’s Heart

Anna, Lisa Calls

The C is A B A G

Tunnel Vision On Your Part

‘Write in’ is released this Friday (7/4) on Moshi Moshi Records, whilst the band set out on a nationwide tour later this month with support from Liverpool jangle-pop duo, Her’s. I’ve listed these dates below and you can buy tickets from the See Tickets link right here. A huge thank you to Moshi Moshi Records and Prescription PR for giving us first listen to this superb album.

Happyness April 2017 UK tour:


11, The Fulford Arms, York

12, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

13, Picture House Social, Sheffield

14, The Cellar, Oxford

15, Olby’s Cafe, Margate

18, The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

19, The Louisiana, Bristol

20, Buyer’s Club, Liverpool

21, Whelan’s, Dublin (Ireland)

22, The Hug and Pint, Glasgow

24, Think Tank? Newcastle

25, Gullivers, Manchester

26, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

28, The Dome, Tufnell Park, London

Words by Joe Bulger

Featured image courtesy of DIY Magazine, photographer unknown

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