Friday Finds: Social Contract

Four Londoners who met online, originally finding roommates occurred to all find a shared love of Alternative and Indie, Rock music. ‘Social Contract’ are a fresh new upcoming band with a debut single ‘Citizen’ which has an abundance of sound and a bowl full of genres which are mixed together to make Social Contract’s unique sound. Comparing them to the likes of JAWS is why I’m instantly drawn to their debut track, maybe thats bias of me to say but it’s certainly a track that I’m in awe of.

Starting off with a kind, radiant and happy jangle of comfort that beams from the bouncy beats all takes a sharp turn of a corner when the track has a surge of energy and a grand finale is that is truly mesmerising is unleashed.

At this point in their career, we can never be too sure as to where any band can go but based on their debut single, Social Contract are easily ones to watch as an upcoming band this year. and we sure are going to keep a very big and beady eye on them.

Listen to ‘Citizen’ below.

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