The Moonlandingz Release Superb Debut Album, and Crush The Hare and Hounds

These past few days have seemed Moonlandingz crazy. The band released their debut LP last week, and then I was able to catch the band perform live for the second time, after first seeing them at Green Man 2016. First of all, the band did not disappoint on either front. The album was dark and twisted as many had hoped for, and their live show was bizarre, enthralling and energetic. I thought rather than two separate posts, why not celebrate this wacky yet wonderful band all in one.

So last Friday The Moonlandingz unleashed a phenomenally good debut record. The Fat White Family featuring band had previously released numerous singles, however the band finally released their debut album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ and it has not disappointed.

Opening Track ‘Vessels’ is a menacing and evil upbeat track. The thumping and marching drum that opens the record is a constant feature of the track. It flows through the song perfectly mixing with a frightening synth and Lias’ unique vocals.

We then have my person favourite track from the album ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’. The synth heavy track and the psychedelic atmosphere that it gives off makes it a perfect track which matches Lias’ vocals to perfection. Its fast paced and energetic, and Lias’ seemingly loosing it completely at the end of the track. ‘Black Hanz’ again provided a synth heavy feel, with a dash of Fat Whites. The creepy and Dracula sounding  vocals spiting the lyrics ”Castrate yourself not once but thrice” is a pretty sinister image. ‘I.D.S’ is another anthem on this record. Its menacing introduction of soft and disturbing automated vocals is lost in a synth raging track accompanied with Lias’ creepy vocals. When the drum kicks in, you cant help but tap your feet or even dance your arse off. Its just a fantastic offering from the band and easily one of the stand out moments on the album.

‘Strangle Of Anna’ is a much softer track from what we’ve already heard on this record. The duet from the two vocalist (Lias and Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club) adds to the touchiness of the below scuzz heavy track. This is the complete opposite from what we are about to hear… ‘Theme for Valhalla Dale’ is a creepy instrumental to say the least. It’s a very weird sort of interlude like track, picturing visions of haunted houses and spooky ghosts. ‘The Rabies Are Back’ is a clang-y, robotic track filled with obnoxious sounds, and a peculiar pitch of voice from Lias which suddenly turns into a funky disco-pop song, which features some great backing vocals from Taylor.

‘Neuf De Pape’ is a scar sounding anthem,. Its a unique take on the genre made famous by bands such as Madness. The verses are full to the brim with shouts to the genre and this makes the song a stand out moment on the record causing toe tapping, head banging madness. The bat-shit crazy instrumentations towards the end show the craziness and excitement the band poses when creating their songs. They are fun, enjoyable yet slightly odd…

Speaking of odd, we move swiftly on to ‘Glory Hole’. “Every mans got a glory hole” chants Lias as the cosmic swelling synths add up and up to a point where a wailing Yoko Ono (yes the Yoko Ono) produces a small yet noticeable appearence in the track.

The second to last  track on the record ‘Lufthansa Man’ is yet another brilliant moment from this record jam packed with brilliant moments. It really is an exceptional track. Each segment is an epic synth packed journey of thumping drums, and some smothering vocals from Lias who never disappoints on this album.  For the final song on the record, The Moonlandingz seem to have gone a bit drum and bass. The drums in this record, tying in with the synths and guitars, screeching vocals and emphatic bass, make this track appear to be somewhat drum and bass influenced. It is certainly a brilliant way to end the record.

Its a stunning album. The Moonlandingz blended scuzzy rock and pop and made their own mysterious yet special genre which no other can recreate.

A few days after this album was finally released. The band hit Birmingham, playing to a sold out crowd at the Hare and Hounds. The band had Goat Girl as support and they blew the crowds away playing a magnificent set that set the night up perfectly.

It was an od yet fascinating night as the band walked through the crowd towards the stage, with Lias appearing last with a couple of chocolate digestives on his nipples and cling filmed wrapped around his torso… not to mention the photos of what appeared to be celebrity chef and world famous meme, Ainsley Harriott.

The band opened their set in the same way they opened the album with the menacing ‘Vessels’, the scuzzy psychedelic atmosphere of ‘Sweet Saturn Mine’ and the sinister ‘Black Hanz’, all meeting the crowd in a drastic and energetic way, with Sweet Saturn Mine prompting slight movements within the crowd. Songs like ‘Glory Hole’, ‘Rabies’ and ‘Neuf De Pape’ entertain a wildly impressed crowd with Lias’ stage presence un world like and genuinely quite unique, with Neuf De Pape was bouncy and energetic, in contrast with ‘Strangle Of Anna’ yet another belter performed live.

Their exceptional live performance was topped off with the performance of ‘Man In Me Lyfe’. The drum machine heavy track, and Lias panting heavily over the top of said drum beats, the way everything flows together on this track is mindblowing. Its ,mysterious synths, and all round crazy sound make it a perfect closing track which cannot be beat.

The Moonlandingz truly are an exceptional band. They’ve shown us what they are capable of live, and in the studio with two brilliant performances. Heres to hoping to catch them live again, later this year, or during the summer.

Moonlandingz played:

  • Vessels
  • Blak Hanz
  • Sweet Saturn Mine
  • Neuf De Pape
  • I.D.S
  • Strangle Of Anna
  • Rabies
  • Fauntleroy
  • Glory Hole
  • Lufthansa Man
  • Cities Undone
  • Lay Your Head Down
  • Man In Me Lyfe

featured image courtesy of ‘The List’ 

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