Interview with Jack Jones of TRAMPOLENE

Front runners of a rousing poetry/rock ‘n’ roll fusion, TRAMPOLENE have built up a steady following over the years with their thought provoking lyrics and gritty, DIY Punk approach. Between preparing a debut album and a non-stop schedule supporting The Libertines, the lovely Jack Jones managed to find the time to share some of his thoughts with us.


How did TRAMPOLENE come about?

“I think it came about when Wayne asked me to join his punk band, who were originally called ‘Shithole!’ Later on I read a brilliant book by Julian Cope called ‘Head On’, it endeared me to his music in a way I hadn’t felt before and I was so inspired I decided to reinvent the band to involve spoken word. We’re named after an old Julian Cope single ‘TRAMPOLENE’, I thought it was funny as it’s spelt wrong and I’ve been spelling stuff rong (sic) all my life.”

Do you think that growing up in Swansea has influenced your style of music?

“Massively. It pretty much influences every word that comes out of my mouth. Two of my favourite bands were local. Neither were ever signed, but I looked up to them a lot. They were The Caves and Nikolai, I’m so proud to have their records in my collection. Dai Godwin of The Caves has one of the greatest undiscovered Welsh voices.”

What other Bands inspire you?

“Pretty Vicious of course. I loved Sunflower Bean when I saw them live… War on Drugs’ latest album too. The song ‘Funeral’ by Band of Horses, Alkaline Trio’s song ‘Armageddon’, Lemon Twigs second album and Cabbage. Really so may I could go on forever.”

How did you come to tour with the Libertines? Was it as mental as some would expect?

“It’s a bit of a fairytale. I met Carl when I first moved to London. Our Van had broken down in Muswell Hill and I was changing a tyre on the side of the road, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I needed a hand and it was Carl. Fast forward a few years and the first time I met Peter, he already knew my poems and had been watching them on YouTube. He knew ‘Health and Wellbeing (at Wood Green Job Centre) almost as good as I did. Then the tour poet idea came about and I said YES PLEAZE, of course.”

You don’t do things like other bands – with ‘pocket albums’ and house tours. Where did these ideas come from? Did you always intend to be different?

“No, it wasn’t intentional. I just like to do my own thing…I suppose that’s where it comes from, I try to be true to myself with every decision I make for the band and in my life. It’s a difficult time for guitar bands, the mainstream music scene doesn’t seem to want to help them apart from maybe two or three lucky ones. Maybe in general they think it’s a bit old fashioned but everything is old-fashioned when you think about it. It all comes from somewhere.”

What’s next for TRAMPOLENE?

“‘Today your love& tomorrow the world’. We’ve got a busy summer touring and some festivals. The album should be out in June…then we can move onto the next one. It’s been a massively productive period for us but I feel a reinvention coming along…the songs and poems are morphing into one and everything’s changing all the time.”

You can catch TRAMPOLENE at the following dates (and I would highly recommend that you do)

27th April – Swindon The Vic

4th May – Cardiff The Moon

6th May – Leeds Lending Room

20th May – Nottingham The Maze

2nd June – London 299

Words By Kalisha Quinlan

Featured image courtesy of Pinterest.

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