Sunshine, shimmer and sparkles – The Seamonsters are the latest epitome of ebullient, polished pop.

A year on from the release of the video to an early demo, ‘Sunshine Criminal’, The Seamonsters have risen from the depths of their playful indie pop oceans with their new track, ‘Lost (And Found)’. The track is an improvement on previous demos, with refined production and softer vocals from lead Naomi Mann. The Seamonsters are not a tour de force in their genre but have started to show a glimmer of potential, through swirling guitars and summer synth lines, ‘Lost (And Found)’ will satisfy any summer soundtrack.


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To mark the release of The Seamonsters’ first official single, we had a chat via email with the glittery girls …

Can you sum up your latest single, ‘Lost (And Found)’ in three words?
Glitter, summer, seamonsters!

It has already been over a year since you uploaded ‘Sunshine Criminal’ to Youtube, how far have you come as a band since then?
Very far, we love the video for Sunshine Criminal but it’s a demo recording and a video made on a school camera and I think we’ve matured since then and have been able to produce a really polished, produced track and video for ‘Lost (And Found)’. To go with that our writing has improved, our performance has improved and we’re feeling very positive about the position we’re in now!

When and why did you decide to form the band together?
We formed the band over 4 years ago when we were about 13 years old, we started because there was other people in our year doing the same thing and we all played instruments so it all just fitted into place really.

Can you remember the first song you played together? Describe the experience to us!
We used to just play pretty bad covers when we started out, being from Sheffield and growing up with the Arctic Monkeys meant we destroyed pretty much every song they ever wrote! The first song we actually wrote was Wonderland which is pretty simple but catchy and we still like to open our set with it a lot of the time. The first time we played live was just to some friends and family, I’d say we were more excited than nervous, every performance encourages us to keep going and makes us want to play more and more – even right at the start we felt this after we’d played.

We also love your track ‘Afraid of Heights’ – are any of you actually afraid of heights? If not, what are your biggest fears?
Some of us are actually! Clowns are a collective fear, being in deep water too.

Your music screams fun, sunshine and of course, glitter – is this the aesthetic you are aiming to carry on with?
To a certain extent, yes! Lost (And Found) is a very summery, beachy song – hence the summery, beachy single art and merch surrounding it. We definitely want to keep up the glittery vibe we’ve got going on, but tailor the feel to the song like we did with ‘Lost (and Found)’.

Do you cite fellow Sheffield musicians and bands, such as Richard Hawley, Arctic Monkeys, The Human League and Pulp as inspirations?
Definitely! Pulp are huge inspirations with the way the incorporate the keys into their songs and Arctic Monkeys’ earlier music has such a youthful but honest feel that we take inspiration from for our own music.

What can we expect from The Seamonsters later on this year?
More music, more gigs, more everything! We’d love to play shows outside of Sheffield to as many people as possible, we’re so proud of what we do so we just want to share it!

Finally, since you’re experts in the subject of the Loch Ness Monster real?
Most definitely!

With thanks to The Seamonsters.

Stream ‘Lost (And Found)’ on Spotify now!

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