A couple of weeks ago, I asked about on my Instagram for some good bands with kick-ass front-women and many of the responses I had were to listen to Anteros.

Laura Hayden (lead vocals) is most definitely my style icon since discovering Anteros. Hayden is a prime example of incredible female fronted bands there are in the indie scene recently.

Anyway, yesterday, Anteros released their third EP titled ‘Drunk’ that shares the same title of their recent single and it does not disappoint.

First up is ‘Drunk’ (read Adam’s review here: ). The song is sassy and fabulous. It sounds like it could be from a scene of a 1970/80s karaoke night, not in the cringy-dad music way though. Guitarist Charles Monneraud creates groovy summery vibes through the dreamy highlines of his electric guitar. This vibe can be echoed during their beautifully choreographed music video :

‘On The Moon’ is the second track, which fits the artwork of the EP very appropriately. ‘On The Moon’ is quite an honest and almost sad song about heartbreak that is turned into something beautiful. Dream pop at its finest, the song’s rift fitting Hayden’s casual melody  that breaks up the singer’s calls of frustration. Towards the end features a slow down of the pre chorus, which sees the song go acoustic for a few seconds before going back into full pace.

‘Cherry Drop’ has just been released as Anteros’s next single. The song’s intro strangely reminds me of the intro to Spring King’s ‘Who Are You?’. A very uptempo track, this is the one to get your kicks on to. ‘Cherry Drop’ shows a more angry side to the protagonist, that we haven’t been exposed to yet on this EP. The song appears to revolve around drums more than in others, creating a rock-y, different feel to their usual pop-esque sound.

The last track of the EP is ‘High, Goodbye’. The song’s noticeably slower pace draws attention to its rather melancholic lyrics whilst giving Hayden the chance to show off her vocal abilities. I’m not usually one to cry at gigs but I feel that if I were to, this would most likely be the one i could feel tears coming on to.

Overall, I feel like Anteros are going to be big. I know that they’ve already attracted a lot of fans due to their run of dates with Blaenavon recently, they will only continue to grow.

You can listen to ‘Drunk’ on Spotify here:

All pictures are by Lauren McDermott (@laurenrvmcd)

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