Plaza release angst filled EP, “Wernotplaza”

Four-piece band Plaza have released hotly anticipated first EP, “Wernotplaza”, so edgy right?

Following various single releases, “Wearenotplaza” combines an anguished sound that has been very much commonplace in the bands early, but matured career.

The first three songs, “Deep in My Head”, “Vancouver”, and, “Origami” have all been pre-released as singles, but this doesn’t stop them from bringing a crisp sound.

“Deep in My Head” reveals hidden anxieties, that ideally are shut away in the depth of one’s mind. As sound goes, high-pitched guitar ripples throughout, leading hazy support guitar to burst through intermittently, a nice touch. Likewise, occasional heavy percussion breaks up what is a relevantly soothing beat.

“Vancouver” is naturally an anthem. Slow, hard-hitting guitar is what makes this song stand out. This trait, however, isn’t consistent throughout, with harmonising vocals breaking up what is sure to be one of the band’s best songs. Deep bass acts as the steeple, in which drumming pierces in sharp bursts, making for really good music.

We’re then introduced to “Origami”. Originally released earlier this year, “Origami” takes on a harder rock sound, yet keeps its subtle light style that’s present throughout the EP. The chorus here is particularly special. Plaza are stitching together what they do best in this song – using stunted torrents of hard guitar and percussion to break up effortless plucky music.

Plaza have included a remix of one of their older songs “Totem” as the last song on the EP. It’s a bit weird. We think the original was miles better, but remixes hardly ever outplay the originals.

Plaza at times sound similar to Foals, and Blaenavon, we’ve noticed. Yet, this similarity is completely torn apart through the various original pieces the band has fashioned.

If Plaza hasn’t been signed by the end of this year, there’s something seriously wrong with progressive music.

Plaza have a series of live shows coming up. Most notably, the band plays the ‘The Louisana’, Bristol, on Sunday April 23, in what is sure to be a class night.

Words by Joel Day.




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