JAWS reveal their new B-Side ‘Fruit’

I may be a little late on reviewing ‘Fruit’ but I’m most definitely smitten with it. It’s darker and it lingers in the shadows of Simplicity’s qualities and successes. Releasing it just in time for their upcoming UK tour, JAWS can add another hit onto their setlist.

‘Fruit’ is a B-Side to their single ‘Cast’ and following in the same dreamy style ‘Fruit’ is unmasked. The song is jam-packed full of relaxing melodies and calming vocals which lace together perfectly to make such a mesmerising track. It’s a typical JAWS tune, the simple but soothing drum beats and the loose guitar sounds. Well and truly confident within their sound, JAWS are consistent and never fail to disappoint us.

This magical B-Side has me wondering why it never made the final track listing for their second album Simplicity. In my opinion it should’ve made the cut but I’m just pleased they have shared another snippet of their identity with their fans.

Here’s Fruit below:













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