WAX COLOUR take us on a journey in their new video for ‘SPS’

The four lads from Essex know how to give us an insight of their lives through their self narrated video for SPS.

The music industry nowadays is large and vast and it comes with certain expectancies that bands who are starting out have to live up to and WAX COLOUR have gone against the usual expectations that bands follow to get an audience. A band like WAX COLOUR are down to Earth lads who give off a nostalgic vibe while walking down the streets of Essex and also performing in a garage full of junk essentially; the filters and editing of reverse colours every now and again make the video humorous and quite frankly fun and entertaining to watch.

Confident and content with their self edited video, we can’t forget the song itself. SPS has a distinctive sound and it’s intriguing to say the least, the vocals are strong and raw. A strong and catchy beat makes it memorable.

Fresh, new and experimenting, WAX COLOUR are going to go a very long way.

Watch the video for SPS here:

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