Everywhere announce release date for new track ‘Man Up’

London four piece Everywhere have just recently announced their new single ‘Man Up’ on spotify, whilst also giving details on it’s release date.

The alternative rock group have ventured their way into the pop spectrum embracing catchy and upbeat melodies. In the words of Clash magazine they are “Pop in the grandest loosest sense of the word.’

Beyond the casual first impression of this new hit, ‘Man Up’ actually embraces a controversial message which isn’t to support the phrase ‘Man Up’ rather the impact  of the stereotype image of being a ‘Man.’ Whilst dabbling in aspects of what its like to have unfulfilled expectations. The message within this track is truly powerful and can be interpreted in many ways.

“We’re currently working on an album, it’s still early but hopefully it should be out this fall” Says the band.

Man Up is definitely a song for summer 2017 and will officially be released on Friday 9th June. Until then make sure to check it out here:



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