Elvis Depressedly sedates Temple of Boom – Leeds, 24/04/17

On Monday evening, with a week of looming exam dates and essay deadlines ahead, there was no better distraction than Elvis Depressedly’s lo-fi and organically tender soundscapes at Leeds’ Temple of Boom.

Temple of Boom is a place of few rules. People gathered in the intimate Fight Club-esque basement to drink cases of beer from the petrol station next door and Vodka by the litre while,  outside, gig-goers and band members alike smoked rollies together.

First to take to the stage were Manchester ‘anti-folk’ duo Crywank. Crywank’s tracks reflect the nature of their name, each one an expression of self-love and self-loathing. “I am shit, I am shit //
Nah nah nuh nuh fucking dick” slurs James Clayton in croaky self-deprication, strumming their guitar with such vigour and vitality their hand is shaking by the end of the endearing set.

Next up were LA duo TV Girl, who should have left their clamorous samples, weak lyrics and wedding-crooner vocals on their side of the pond. After enduring three frankly torturous tracks, it was time to flee to the smoking area as the deafening treble of one particularly repellant sample filled the room.

Once it was safe to return, the crowd watched absent-mindedly as Elvis Depressedly set up the stage. Suddenly, without introduction, they surged casually into ‘Inside You’, a stellar track from cult EP Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin’. The whole room was entranced by the  cathartic magnetism as of Elvis Depressedly as they flowed into each track seamlessly. There was an almost holy silence from the crowd, broken only by eruptions of applause after each track.Neuroleptic tracks, such as ‘Angel Cum Clean’, sedated the audience into a wonderful state of melancholy, whilst slightly more upbeat tracks such as ‘N.M.S.S.’ injected groove and light euphoria. The room held an intense admiration for Elvis Depressedly, as people sung back the lyrics under their breath with glazed-eyes, a reflection of how the lo-fi tracks hold immense meaning for each fan.

Ending with collective favourite ‘Pepsi/Coke Suicide’, Elvis Depressedly brought their ethereal set to a close, leaving each crowd member woozy and pining for more.

Words and Images by Meg Firth


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