Inheaven tackle political paranoia and “information overload” on latest single, ‘Vultures’

I doubt many bands could share the privilege of counting Julian Casablancas amongst their fanbase, but for South London four-piece Inheaven, it’s an almost ludicrous reality that’s means more to them than a passing anecdote. “I don’t think we’ve really said how much it meant to  us” explains vocalist, and frontman James Taylor, “I idolised Julian Casablancas growing up, and The Strokes are everything to me, so it was a big deal, full stop.” Two years since the release of their first single ‘Regeneration’ (produced by Casablancas’ Cult Records), and with a full-length debut waiting in the wings, Inheaven are beginning to turn heads both in the UK, and across the Atlantic.

(Image courtesy of DIY Magazine)

 Clashing British punk spirit with hard-hitting American alt-rock influences such as Sonic Youth, Nirvana and Hole, Inheaven’s uncompromising aural cocktail of shoegaze and grunge provides a thrilling, and anthemic spin on the typical indie-rock ideal. They’ve since supported Circa Waves on their spring tour around the UK and Europe, as well as headlining their own just a month before, and have today premiered their latest single and setlist staple ‘Vultures’,  lifted from their as yet unannounced debut album, due later this year….!

Whereas previous releases dwelled in the dark, atmospheric dream pop soundscapes of Echo & the Bunnymen, or the The Jesus and Mary Chain, ‘Vultures’ is a breakneck shot of unadulterated grunge, taking the heavier pop dynamics of Nirvana and cranking them into overdrive. Snarling percussion invites  bitter vocal sentiments from Taylor, and bassist and co-vocalist, Chloe Little, who exchange blows around Lucas’ (Jake, Guitarist) Cobaine-like chug

As a film graduate, Little oversee’s the production of all of Inheaven’s music videos, and lends an artistic hand to the tracks madcap video, itself a vision of political paranoia, complete with images of flags, Presidents, and disorientating pop-culture sequences.  The video is premiering now over on Interview Magazine, just follow the link above to watch.

(Image courtesy of DIY Magazine)

“With “Vultures” we realized that kids don’t watch more than 30 seconds of anything these days, so there’s actually the same clip repeating every 30 seconds. And then there’s a performance of me and Chloe singing with the band, and we wanted it to be like our own propaganda at the end of the world”

– James Taylor

Just the latest in a movement of politically and socially conscious musicians, Little and Taylor explained the motivations behind some of the songs lyrics, and the accompanying video in a recent  interview – ” We were thinking about how consuming everything—news, politics, especially on your phone—it kind of makes you feel sick, doesn’t it?” 

There’s a lot more information at hand and sometimes there’s information overload and we become desensitized to it…” adds Taylor “You’re meant to feel sick when you watch the video.” 

 Inheaven are set to play the Sunday of Liverpool’s Festevol Gardens 2017, taking place this weekend (29-30/4) at the Invisible Wind Factory, the city’s ace new arts space. Not a northerner? Don’t fret, as the band are set to play a whole host of festival stages this summer, including Truck, 110 Above, and of course, Reading & Leeds. As always, you can stream ‘Vultures’ on Spotify below, and don’t forget to watch the video through the link in the post!

Words by Joe Bulger

Featured image courtesy of Lauren Maccabee for Interview Magazine

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