The Wytches cause carnage in Cardiff

The melancholy continues with my third time seeing Kristen and co, this time in Cardiff and without supporting Jamie t, finding them in a much more comfortable position. The band continue to play in perfect harmony with Mark Breed making a great full-time addition, and the crowd really added to the show with it being filled with people donning their merch – as well as Hoodbats clothing (their side project). Clwb gigs have become renown at this point for their warm, intimate feeling and lack of barriers meaning this’ll will be the closest you can see some bands This set was no different, with the boys right up in your face and numerous stage invasions and crowd surfing.

The dark, gloomy feel of the cave that is top floor of Clwb suited Wytches perfectly compared to the University I saw them at last time.They were on peak performance pulling out golden oldies such as “She’s so Far Out,” “Holy Tightrope” and “Robe for Juda” as well as filling out the setlists with their phenomenal follow up effort “All Your Happy Life”  with songs like “Throned” and “Darker” showing they’ve kept their aggression whilst “C-Side” and “A Feeling We Get” demonstrated their improved psychedelic melodies.

The boys seemed to have worked out a setlist that works great for them but I wish they’d play some more of their slower songs such as “Weight and Ties”  or “Summer Again”, which prove they’re not all bark and show off a more diverse sound. Regardless, another excellent gig from a band due some big recognition and with their excess of dates and brilliant sophomore album, they deserve it.

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