Idle Noise and new EP ‘Overtime’

It’s Sunday the 30th of April, the day which self described indie rock band Idle Noise are creeping their way onto the scene with some new diligent noise. Sliced into 4 healthy tracks on new EP ‘Overtime’ which the band have been vigorously excited to show us, ‘Rooftops’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Fortune’ and ‘Overtime’ certainly live up to first EP ’18’.


Views from first track ‘Rooftops’ are scenic. The song is speedy and forward, and filled to the brim with a feeling of recollection. The adequate moans from lead singer are carried along with tangled guitar groans, portraying a mood of unease.


The more zingy and relaxed ‘Entourage’ fantasies about a girl who’s stubborn, selfish, and has ‘been with your friend’. Perhaps a questionable admiration, which the song toys with through feelings of uncontrollable temptation. Stylishly composed, Idle Noise show no reluctance to sing lyrics that are felt by majorities.


We are then cradled by the soft acoustic cries of ‘Future’. Differing gently to the two previous tracks, this one proves Idle Noise are capable of capturing different moods in their songs and placing listeners in dreamy trances as well as creating rapid foot tapping.


Finally, ‘Overtime’ complements the EP and ties the 4 songs together in a brisk and tidy tune.


A great venture by these 4 boys into the world of guitar music, to which they are entering with confident strides. 2 years in, we are excited to see what paths the Coventry band will head down next.

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