Feuerhaus release incredible debut single “I’m Your Gold”

Bristol/Bath based four piece indie rock band Feuerhaus have recently released their chilling debut single titled “I’m Your Gold”

Strap yourself in for 3 minutes of reverb, loud percussion and echoing vocals. While Feuerhaus have put together a beautiful indie banger, at times the drums can become a little overbearing and tend to drown out the rest of the music, which is disappointing because the chilling vocals build up a fantastic atmosphere that’s consistent throughout the whole song.

With the drumming being the only exception of an otherwise great song, the track is set up by an upbeat riff with both reverb and slight vibrato effects, making it feel as if you’re listening to a live performance in a gig hall. The song also features a fantastic breakdown towards the end where the drums really fit in with the vast, echoing set of vocals and general atmosphere brought on by the emotional lyrics and light hearted hooks.

The track includes influences and tones of a subgenre of indie rock most popular in the early nineties, a mix of psychedelic dream pop and garage rock which typically consisted of guitar feedback and distortion effects along with enigmatic and obscure vocals.

Feurehaus have adopted these styles wonderfully into creating their own unique take on indie rock, “I’m Your Gold” is filled to the brim with personality, talent, and potential for a new genre on the indie scene.

Listen to the track here: https://play.spotify.com/album/50YvKzvLQhXsk1fy4sHMcw

Words by Sam Harris.

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