Womanby Street resists closure with the relaunch night of The Moon

On the 28th of April, after controversy regarding the closure of The Full Moon club on Cardiff’s much loved Womanby Street, The Moon club was set to re-open in place. As the evening approached people began to gather around Womanby Street, readying for the night ahead whether it would start at Spoons, Fuels Rock bar, Club Ifor Bach or the various pubs and clubs surrounding.

Arriving The Moon club we crashed into Vida’s set, welcomed with their charming Scottish presence belting out their tracks masterfully. Which led to another massive set by Rainbow Maniac including their new track ‘Crack Rock N Roll’ ahead of their EP ‘RMEP1’ out 26th of May.

After much anticipation The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk flew in with heaps of creativity, with their incredible stage presence drawing the already tight crowd tighter. Kicking off with ‘Something Inside me’ marking a fast pace vibe from start to finish the crowd were head banging, swaying and pushing. This carried on as they played ‘Science Is A Language’ a favourite of mine where they served psychedelic rock, with an interactive build up and a maniacal climax of ‘ha ha!’ between verses, face melting rock. ‘On Your Own’, allowing more of a dance with their magnetism, people always joining in. And finally leaving an outburst of added psychedelia for their last song. The Moon club being as compact as it is (who didn’t spot the cool dude in his blue suit wearing a mask?) holding a mass of bodies crazed by their old school rock sound, that night was definitely one to remember.

All together an immense night, compiled perfectly by those at The Moon club making a successful night for the reboot. Don’t forget to support independent venues such as The Moon club and others alike on Womanby Street in Cardiff which has been under threat recently from developers, check out #savewomanbystreet ‘s Facebook page to find out more about this: https://www.facebook.com/Save-Womanby-Street-200471403769378/

As many have stated; “Your favourite band started on a street like this.” highlighting the importance of cultural havens like Womanby Street to small bands and creative productions.

Vida: https://play.spotify.com/artist/09nDm4EPCbS9Mkh6NlOhT2

Rainbow Maniac: rainbowmaniac.com

The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk: www.soundcloud.com/milkbandcdf

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