Indigo Velvet’s summer anthem “Mona”

“Mona” is the title of brand new single from Edinburgh based indie pop band Indigo Velvet, the track has already racked up over 800 plays on SoundCloud since its release last Friday, and needless to say, it deserves every play it’s gotten so far.

The summery tune is full of tropical guitar riffs and spectacular vocals which range from smooth sounding to a raw, shouting style which features in the breakdown towards the end of the song.

The vocals on the track are simply amazing, they feel a little drunk as vocalist Darren Barclay stumbles from pitch to pitch, but creates a fun party like atmosphere which is especially captured in the quartet style singing in the chorus. The tropical and exotic styles of the band and the track come through wonderfully with maraca samples and synth pop vibes which reinforce the themes of the song.

The only criticism I have is that the music overall feels a little repetitive and almost as if it’s following a formula which only breaks out in the percussion sequences between chorus and verse which also ends up fragmenting the song a little bit.

On the upside, Indigo Velvet are bringing a new tropical pop genre onto the scene, the styles, influences and effects in the song sum up the band perfectly, and feels like a genuine progression from their previous tracks such as “B L U E” and “Easy Love” which sound as if the concept of tropical pop had been tested and played around with but never fully embraced as it is in “Mona”

Words by Sam Harris.


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