Live At Leeds: 2017 Review


A festival fulfilled through the multi-venue city of Leeds. And the line up was possibly one of the most anticipated this year. Well, for me most definitely.

Having booked it straight on the announcement of Slaves, any additional announcements were an exciting extra. This is the original line up poster, pretty insane to think you could see these bands in a day right?

I’d advise beforehand you coming to definite conclusions of ones you need to see is a good idea, organising a definite schedule of bands is beneficial as queues of thousands of other music fanatics will be among you. But other than that, managing to catch subliminal scenes in the bands whose sets I caught was well worth the bargain price. Along with experiencing the brutally brilliant set of my favourite band Slaves, also I managed to get to narrow my favourites to see sets of of White Lies, Dead Pretties, Black Honey, Jaws, The Magic Gang and Vant.

It all started kicking off with White Lies at 3PM in the 02, bellowing out their classics like ‘Lose My Life’ in between the eighties vibes coming from their new album Friends. A personally long awaited must see which showed off the band’s great live presence.

Then we belted off early to catch the set of disgustingly good upcoming punk three piece Dead Pretties. In the dingy darkness of the Key Club. Despite only having one song on Spotify ‘Social Experiment’, their set was incredible with their other familiar track ‘Teeth’ which like me you might’ve caught at their shows with Drenge in December.

Black Honey radiated the wonders from front woman Izzy to a packed out 02 Academy, a warm up for Slaves who they’ve previously supported. ‘Corrine’ went down particularly sweetly along with the cup of Coca Cola thrown onto the crowd.

The happy haze of the Magic Gang was experienced within shining stained glass windows of the Church. Along with gorgeous highlights of their many songs so far, including the finishing single How Can I Compete.

In the Uni, Jaws quite literally ‘Cast’ a spell on the crowd and their sound echoed throughout the entirety of the building beautifully. I admit a tear or two may have struck my eyes having supported them for years and finally being in awe.

Finally the set I had traveled miles for, Slaves. Their sweaty performance showed how they have completely solidified their live sound and upped their game. Approaching the stage with a dance banger booming through to the cosy crowd, followed with their tunes like Cheer Up London and earlier belter White Knuckle Ride being delivered dangerously but delightfully. They introduce a newer track response to those doubting them being a two piece with ‘Fuck The Hi Hat’. We were even give a sick surprise of their violent version of Skepta’s Shutdown, fuelling the crowd into a frenzy. The addictive bassline of The Hunter strung it all to an end, eager for more.

To end the night I ventured back to the Key Club for a final shove during Vant‘s unsurprisingly awesome set! Not dissimilar to an element of unfinished business (like Slaves left) when they finished with Parking Lot. Being the fourth time I’ve seen them within a year, I couldn’t push you to support these lads enough.

So, Live @ Leeds 2018? Another line up like that? No question.

some photos i managed to capture of the craziness…

the magic gang @ church (above & below)

jaws @ the uni (below)

magic gang @ church (again, below)

slaves @ the 02 (below)

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